Jade, one of the many dogs currently up for adoption at the Park County Animal Shelter, licks Powell High School freshman Jace Bohlman’s hand through her kennel.

Ivy, Terryl, Weylie and Millie. Those are the names of the four dogs saved from euthanization in Oklahoma. On Feb. 23, the pups spent an 24-hour ride to Cody where they found temporary residence in the Park County Animal Shelter.

The pups were first rescued from the kill shelter in Oklahoma by the rescue group, Hope For Paws Colorado ( The animals were put on a bus from Oklahoma to Colorado where they were met with volunteers who drove the dogs to the Park County Animal Shelter in Cody.

The Park County Animal Shelter has been a no-kill safe shelter for animals in the City of Cody and Park County for 23 years. According to, PCAS cares for 500 dogs and cats, returns 160 to their owners and adopts out 285 during an average year.

Valerie Swensrud, a kennel technician at Park County Animal Shelter, was one of the volunteers present when the dogs first arrived from Colorado. Ms. Swensrud said it didn’t take long before the dogs were adopted.

“All four of them already have homes,” she said. “[The dogs were adopted] in about a week and a half.”

Ms. Swensrud said the shelter recently received three more dogs, giving them a grand total of 23 saved dogs and counting.

For more information about adopting a dog from the Park County Animal Shelter, visit For more information about Hope For Paws Colorado, visit

Kenadee Bott
(From left) PHS sophomore Joe Kousoulous, sophomore Abby Landwehr and freshman Jace Bohlman are greeted by two puppies in their kennel at Park County Animal Shelter.
Abby Landwehr
PHS senior Kenadee Bott pets Weylie, one of the four dogs saved from euthanization in Oklahoma.
Abby Landwehr
PHS Sophomore Joe Kousoulous greets two puppies that are currently still up for adoption at the Park County Animal Shelter.