PHS Prowl seniors leave a lasting legacy


Photo courtesy: Mrs. Nan O'Neill

Graduating seniors who have served on the Prowl staff during the 2018-19 school year include (from left); Joelynn Petrie, Devon Curtis, Aidan Hunt, Abigail Cubbage, Holden Wilson, Kenadee Bott, Adviser Mr. Vin Cappiello, Gracie McLain and Kara Borcher.

We are sad to announce our long-awaited departure from the Prowl: Holden Wilson, Devon Curtis, Aidan Hunt, Kenadee Bott, Kara Borcher, Abi Cubbage, Gracie McLain and Joelynn Petrie.  Hence, we choose to leave some advice and assets to the unlucky few who have yet to graduate from Powell High School, especially those willing to subject themselves to our beloved adviser, aka “Savage Cap.”

Holden Wilson:

I, Holden Wilson (aka Wolfgang Von Colt, Drew Boley, founder of Street Boyz, Col. Mustard, Cap’s Hired Hitman), being moderately sound mind and quickly deteriorating body, do hereby bequeath the following:

To Ben Cannizzaro: I leave my parking spot. The one in the dirt and the one in the student parking lot (assuming that you will be able to use them next year).

To Mr. Cappiello: I leave my very first story that I never finished. Please enjoy this fine, unfinished example of pre-Cap writing.

To Taber Wilson: I leave behind all the 7UP that Mr. Cappiello has to offer. Drink it wisely and know the 7UP is not something to accept lightly (moron). Can you hear him … “Someday, yaw gonna come work fuh ME.”

To Ashlyn Aguirre: I leave you my choir robe. If it is a little big you may hem it accordingly.

To Averee Johnson- I leave the spot of coolest Camaro. You may have thought it was yours already, but alas, it was mine all along.

And to Señor Preator: Para tu, te dejo un lugar en esta lista. Gracias por los Buenos años en español.

Devon Curtis:

I, Devon Curtis, also known as double barrel,  being of reasonably unsound mind do bequeath the following to these individuals upon my departure from PHS:

To Hailee Hyde: I leave you my uncanny ability to talk to myself during basketball games and at practice. May you always give yourself expert advice and make your teammates laugh.

To Jenna Hillman: I leave you my nickname “double barrel;” may you always stay swole.

To Madi Fields: I leave you my defective setting skills; may you give many heart attacks to your teammates when going to set the ball.

To Aidan Hunt and Holden Wilson: I leave you all of the unsaid “that’s what she said” and “your mom” jokes that have yet to be shared. Use them wisely. I also leave you the many tears shed laughing over jokes that really weren’t that funny in journalism class.

To Mr. Chase Kistler: I leave you all of the time our class wasted sitting in the wrestling room during your weights class; may you put it to good use.

To Mr. Vin Cappiello: I leave you the memories of your favorite student to be cherished forever even when I go to college and become a famous doctor. I also leave you complete control over my STATCHAT legacy; whoever takes it over must be more worthy than Thor and Captain America combined.

Kenadee Bott:

I, Kenadee Bott, being of sound mind and inexcusable clumsiness, do hereby bequeath the following to the individuals left behind after my departure (from PHS):

To the PHS band: I leave you many hours of warm-ups and squeegees (you know if you know). May you always rehearse like it was a Wednesday.

To the theater group: I leave you countless hours of couch conversations and hundreds of “thank you stage manager.” May you always mess around during trips to the shed.

To Cap: I leave you a thousand blue felt tip pens to write notes to all the halfway decent human beings. I also leave you the correct way to pronounce my name, KEN-a-dee.

To my fellow seniors: I leave you the memories of all the times we passed classes solely based on Snapchat group chats. May you continue to pass, barely, in future education.

To the underclassmen: I leave you my procrastination on every assignment you may endure. May you have the many sleepless nights that I endured my four years of high school.

To the rant circle: May you continue to be mad about every little inconvenience. I leave you the endless universes that you might create and the rants that may continue to take place.

Aidan Hunt:

To Mr. Preator: I leave you one last Hola. May it make up for all the Holas I didn’t say and the ones I won’t get to say.

To Jay Cox: I leave you my musical legacy. It wasn’t that good, so I hope you make it look a lot better.

To Grant Dillivan: I give thee the drama club presidency. That doesn’t really give you any power, but make something of the next group.

To Nicolas Fulton: I leave you all my pencils and pens. I think you will find a good use for them in D and D or something.

To Mr. Cappiello: I leave you Holden. You may think that you owned him, but now it is official.

To the any incoming students: I leave you some advice. Just because it’s your first year does not mean you shouldn’t try. Make something of yourselves so you don’t go four years being told how bad your grade is.

Kara Borcher:

To Mr. Vin Cappiello: I leave you my black water bottle I had in Pre-AP so that you may always have water to share. I also leave you with my final words of wisdom: wearing an up-do to a dance does not mean a girl is less attractive. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

To Mr. Nate Urbach: I leave you an endless supply of sarcasm and “not very nice” things to say. I also leave you strength to get through two more years with sophomores who think they know everything.

To Scarlette Mendoza: I leave you the remaining cares I have to give. There’s not many, so use them wisely. I also leave to you the strength to get through your last year of high school, and to always have the words to fight for what you believe in.

To all my friends (past and present): I leave you my thanks for years of great memories and for teaching me to be who I really am. Here’s to many more great times and late night therapy sessions.

To all the underclassmen: I leave you my remaining brain cells. You’re going to have to share all 3 and 1/2 of them between the 400 of you so, good luck, I guess.

And to my fellow classmates of the class of 2019, I leave my wish for you all to achieve your dreams and to know that high school doesn’t define us, it only gives us the knowledge and experience to do great things with life. So go do great things.

Gracie Mclain:

I, Gracie McLain, do hereby leave the following:

To Mr. Cap: I leave you with and endless supply of Capri Suns. May they remind you of the most wonderful student ever. I also leave you with a recommendation letter template, so you can write actual letters for students in the future.

To Mrs. Vicki Walsh: I leave you with strength. You’re a very strong woman to deal with a huge group of girls for an entire year. However, I’m afraid that this past group of girls has taken some of that strength with them as they are moving to different chapters of their lives, so I want to give it back.

To Lauren Lejeune: I leave you with the “gracietude.” Now this is a HUGE responsibility so handle it carefully. With the gracietude and the ‘tude that you already have, you will be an unstoppable senior. Stay strong through your last year, my dear.

To all the FFA members: I leave you with my wisdom. There is not much of it. However, there is enough to make you smart enough to appreciate Mr. Meyer and everything he does for you guys and the chapter.

To my parents: I leave with all the thanks in the whole world. It takes very strong people to put up with me for all of these years. I truly appreciate you guys always being there for me.

And to my fellow classmates: I leave you with the bravery and confidence to pursue your dreams and to never give up. We all (… with a few exceptions:) have great potential.  My wish is for you all to stand up for what you believe in and never back down.

Abi Cubbage:

The year is ending and seniors are leaving their small or big legacies behind them and moving on to bigger schools and pursuing their dreams. Others are taking a flying leap out of their comfort zones and zooming wildly into life with no sense of direction.

To my fellow introverts and weirdos who don’t feel like they fit in: I leave you my tiny bit of confidence I’ve collected in my four years of high school. You will find your place and you will find good friends who will care for and love you.

To my theatre nerds: I leave you all of the fond memories and endless laughter with a forever family.

To my band geeks: I leave you the passion and courage to play with all your heart and soul and to enjoy your art.

To my extroverts: I leave you the confidence you exude and gave to me just by existing by me.

To my teachers: I leave the endless assignments that at the time were monotonous and painful and that now will be happy tears of random memories from the greatest teachers, administrators, classrooms and overall school, ever.

Joelynn Petrie:

I, Joelynn Faith Petrie, with my head firmly on my shoulders and my head not in the clouds, bestow the following upon my peeps:

To Mr. Cappiello: I bestow the gift of all my Marvel references, and any and all un-appreciated jokes that go over everyone’s heads (just remember I will always laugh with you). You helped me to break my bubble and show everyone the real Joelynn. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher. I will miss you dearly.

To all of my ducklings: I am leaving behind, I give you the gift of all the hugs, forever understand and all the love. Don’t forget to enjoy being a child once in a while and never change who you are. Make smart choices and believe in yourself.

To all the nerdy-dorks in Robotics Club: I give you all of the spills of war, unlimited Allen wrenches of that one size we are always missing, and don’t ever forget duct tape and zip ties fix everything. Thank you for being my family away from home. I am really going to miss you guys. Keep on making me proud. And Ethan, my one and only brother, I give you the will to keep your hair fabooolous and to not drive everyone absolutely crazy.

To all you band geeks: I give you the will to stay quiet and not make Fabs mad. Remember blankets and gloves for all the long football games, and don’t ever forget black socks and shoes. Enjoy playing Pomp and Circumstance for all of eternity. Elisa please keep on being your perfect positive self and never let anyone break your spirit. I am going to miss you. Oh and Devin should be Drum Major next year. Make it happen people!

To all the people in theatre: I know I wasn’t with you guys for very long but I enjoyed the time I had. Please keep on being amazing and never let anyone stop you from being flamboyant. Keep on driving the McDonalds people crazy. And just remember: “Don’t Stop Believin’” and Stacey is a jerk.

Now to all the people who are no longer my friends: I wish you all the best in life and I hope you make smarter choices in the rest of your life. Try to be true to yourself without hurting others and keep your head up. Follow your dreams and shoot for the stars.

I am going to miss everyone in this lovely small town. I am glad I got to spend my teen years here. It has given me experiences and wisdom I would not have had otherwise. Treat each other nicely and keep the small town vibe going.

And finally, I, Savage Adviser Cap, do hereby bequeath to the aforementioned seniors, the following: My undying gratitude, especially to my four-semester seniors, for being willing to help launch the Prowl and give PHS students a voice. While we might not always agree, one thing is certain: In the end, I was right, you were wrong, and you’ll have to live to that for the rest of your lives, unless, of course, you accepted a 7UP from me, in which case, you’ll be indebted to me for life.

Seriously, though, this school will not be the same without you. Now excuse me while I pageant wave you into the proverbial sunset: elbow elbow, wrist wrist; wipe a tear, blow a kiss … goodbye.