PHS welcomes new students at the start of the school year

Aiden Wantulok

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November 18, 2021
Alli Harp

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November 15, 2021

New student at PHS junior Aidan Wantulok got involved in the homecoming activities by participating in the Homecoming Olympics. (From left) Juniors Kalin Hicswa and Gretel Opps, and seniors Kailiokalani Wisniewski, Emerson Wormald, Ethan Bartholomew, Sarah Dunkerley, and Jayden Asher.

The school year is in full swing, and for most students the days are becoming routine. However, for new students at PHS that’s not the case. 

Being a new kid is hard, especially as a junior. There are new classes, schedules, teachers, and the challenge of making new friends. Everything is different, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. 

“The best part [of being a new student] is meeting new people,” junior Bentleigh Seibel said. 

Going into school, some students found that the social aspect was most daunting, and to be fair the first week can be discouraging. Still others were shocked to see the kindness and acceptance from classmates and teachers. 

“Everyone at PHS treated me well as a new student,” sophomore Micah St. Clair said. “All of the staff and students are really friendly and helpful.”

I enjoy getting hyped at the sporting events. I had a lot of fun during homecoming week because all the activities were new to me.”

— Matthew Wantulok

Being a part of sports or clubs can help new students meet other classmates and create new bonds. It also gives them opportunities to experience something different. The same goes for supporting these activities. 

“I enjoy getting hyped at the sporting events,” junior Matthew Wantulok said. “I had a lot of fun during homecoming week because all the activities were new to me.” 

With that said, the most interesting element of being the new kid has been perspective. There’s an outside perspective in viewing students and teachers, almost a comparison to the previous normal. 

When meeting new people I don’t know their history and they don’t know mine. This is another positive in having a fresh start. Coming from a town even smaller than Powell, it has certainly been nice.   

Overall, there’s been a few tough adjustments to make coming into PHS, but the early toughness has come with lots of fun.  

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