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November 18, 2021

Christmas decorations are already going up although Thanksgiving is a few weeks away.

As October ends, the holiday season is right around the corner; however, it’s not always clear what the holiday season really is. To some, Thanksgiving is irrelevant and it’s already onto Christmas and the new year, but is that fair?  

“Thanksgiving is about appreciating your blessings and the people around you. If you can skip that, then Halloween and Valentine’s day aren’t worth celebrating either.””

— Grace Sapp

To clarify, the American holiday season consists of three holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Yet, many seemingly skip Thanksgiving and simply consider it Christmas time right after October. Occasionally, it’s said that Christmas begins on the first day snow falls. 

“Christmas should just be celebrated all year,” senior Gabby Thomas said. “It’s such a happy time and we should be able to have that 24/7.” 

This viewpoint likely stems from the fact that Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center estimated that ninety percent of Americans celebrate it, but a rare few still believe it’s overemphasized. 

“Christmas should only be celebrated from December 1 to the 31 – just that month,” senior Alora Walker said.

Personally, I believe Christmas becomes the center of concentration much too early. Thanksgiving gives an opportunity to cherish what you have before focusing on what you want. With that said, Americans often can’t forget about their wants for even one day a year, because as soon as Thanksgiving ends, it’s Black Friday. 

According to Odyssey, “The Thanksgiving holiday is meant to give thanks … but that isn’t possible when stores are opening on Thanksgiving night and the employees have to go into work.”

Only time will tell if this emphasis will ever change, but in 2021 it looks as if there will be another two months of Christmas. 

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