PHS Student Council members will travel to Rock Springs for the annual Wyoming Association Student Council Convention

Emma Johnson

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May 26, 2022

Photo credit: WASC Website

After careful deliberation, the 2021 WASC State Convention Advisors announced the phrase of “Re-Charge Your Leadership!” through publishing it on their website.

13 students from Student Council will be representing PHS at the 65th State Wyoming Association of Student Councils (WASC) Convention on Nov. 15 and 16. 

Special education teacher Mr. Stephen Whipple will be attending as an advisor, and there is a lot of enthusiasm on all sides for the ability to finally attend this convention after last year’s COVID-19 regulations. 

“I know that I am personally very excited to attend WASC this year, ” Mr. Whipple said. “Having this kind of an opportunity to meet up with all different kinds of educators and student council members is something I definitely missed last year.”

I am definitely looking forward to the workshops. Those are always really fun and help us [Student Council members] bring back different ideas to benefit our own Student Council. ”

— Junior Grace Coombs

This year Rock Springs High School will be the main host school, alongside Green River and Farson-Eden High Schools as assisting schools. While this convention has been going on for quite some time, only a few student council members have ever attended. However, those that did attend distinctly remember having a positive experience. 

“I went to WASC my freshman year, and overall it was a really great experience,” junior Anna Bartholomew said. “I think with seeing how many people were there, from freshman to seniors, it really was inspiring to know that everybody was coming together to work on this, no matter what grade you are in.” 

Some of the activities that will take place over the course of two days include, but are not strictly limited to: Student President’s Gavel Ceremony, board elections, school t-shirt exchange, workshops and a dance. 

Among those that attended two years ago, some found that certain activities were beneficial to the school. 

“I am definitely looking forward to the workshops,” junior Grace Coombs said. “Those are always really fun and help us [Student Council members] bring back different ideas to benefit our own Student Council.” 

With the group planning to leave on Sunday afternoon, it will be a long drive to get to Rock Springs. Even though it will equal out to a total of ten hours on the road, the chance to see other students from around Wyoming is something that is easily worth the travel distance.

“I think it will be good to get back with people again,” Bartholomew said. “Especially since last year we didn’t have it because of COVID-19… it will be nice to regroup with other students [from around the state].”