Roses are red, violets are blue, PHS students share their opinions on the Valentine’s Day taboo

Kora Terry

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Venice Gann

Freshman Venice Gann preps her gift for the upcoming holiday.

Cupid has made a stop, and his casualties can be seen all around Powell High School. The heart shaped decor, overwhelming red, and bundles of gifts to buy are sure to get anyone in the loving spirit.

Gift shopping can be really easy… if you know what you’re shopping for, that is. Students at PHS need to start looking for the perfect V-day present, but what are the best gifts?

The number one ranked Valentine’s Day gift to get is chocolate–I mean, who saw that one coming? While it’s a good gift, some might lean towards a more original gift.

“I love the more authentic homemade gifts,” sophomore Aramonie Brinkerhoff said. “The classics are always good too though, nothing can beat a giant teddy bear.”

February 14 is a special day to celebrate your special someone, go all out and get them a nice gift to show your appreciation. Valentine’s Day doesn’t give couples an excuse to be snuggled up in the hallways though; a simple hand holding should suffice. 

“I don’t like the couples in the hallway,” sophomore Abby Eaton said. “I mean, seriously, you’re only gonna be apart for like 45 minutes… don’t even get me started on Valentine’s Day.” 

While Valentine’s Day may not be popular to everyone, buying a good gift is important. The top three gifts PHS students said to buy for this heart-filled holiday were teddy bears, flowers, or their favorite candy. But the list is endless, including everything from little trinkets, to a nice dinner, to some arts and crafts. The sweet handmade presents are definitely the way into someone’s heart.

“I’d probably just get a girl some food,” sophomore Seston Shoopman said. “Maybe some flowers, if I really like her.”

Red roses are the typical flower gift to purchase; a single flower is a much more meaningful gift than one might think. Chocolate roses are another great option; it hits two birds with one stone. Before Valentine’s Day, you can find a stand in the PHS commons where you can purchase chocolate roses and have them delivered on the 14th.

“I don’t expect a gift to be bought for me,” Shoopman said. “I mean, the girl is the best gift any guy can get in the first place.”

I don’t expect a gift to be bought for me. I mean, the girl is the best gift any guy can get in the first place.””

— Seston Shoopman