SPOILER ALERT: PHS student’s share their thoughts on the third season of Outer Banks


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This lighthouse in Outer Banks, NC is a famous scene in the popular teen drama, Outer Banks.

After the popularity of “Outer Banks” skyrocketed during the Covid 19 pandemic, the show has  released not only a second season but now a third. 

“Outer Banks” is an adolescent thriller available on Netflix that has captured the interest of millions of teenagers and currently holds the number one spot on Netflix’s most popular list.

Recently, the anticipated third season was released, and there is a debate on whether this show is as intriguing as it once was, or perhaps has lost its touch. 

“I don’t think the third season of “Outer Banks” could win over any new fans,” junior Stuart Shoopman said. “But I think that those who watched the first and second season when the show was new, were somewhat pleased with the third season.” 

Some fans of this show enjoyed the first two seasons, but after watching the latest season, they lost interest. 

“I thought the show was good at the beginning,” sophomore Kate Miller said. “It became very unreasonable for the show. It changed from this could possibly happen to where you didn’t know what was happening.”

I thought the show was good at the beginning. It became very unreasonable for the show. It changed from this could possibly happen to where you didn’t know what was happening.”

— Kate Miller

Although other viewers of “Outer Banks” enjoyed most of the brand new season, they believed that there were certain aspects that decreased the overall quality of the show.

“I wish they never brought back [the main character’s father] Big John,” sophomore Grace Lengfelder said. “Big John was the true villain and the show would have been much better without him.” 

A very common idea about the third season was the character Big John, who plays the role of the main character John B’s father, contributed to the mediocre reviews of the third season. Because of this character, some fans didn’t enjoy the latest episodes. 

“My least favorite season was probably the third season,” Shoopman said. “Big John cared more about the treasure than his son John B. I think the season could have been a lot better if Big John wasn’t such a huge part of it.”

It has been released that “Outer Banks” will come out with a fourth season in 2024. Fans who enjoyed the latest season are excited to see their favorite characters yet again. 

“I love ‘Outer Banks,’” Lengfelder said. “The third season was so good. There aren’t any seasons I don’t like, so I’m excited for the newest one.” 

Other viewers of the show that were displeased with season three are less than enthused about the fourth season. They believed that another season of the show would be repetitive and unnecessary. 

“I can’t say I am super excited that the teenagers are going to be on another treasure hunt because that is all the third season mainly focused on,” Shoopman said. “I think most people would agree with this statement because nobody probably will want to watch a full season of a group of teenagers trying to find more treasure. It would seem repetitive.”