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Abby Landwehr
"Abby’s strength and weakness is coffee,” once said sophomore Ashley Dunkerley.

This is true because Abby’s basically addicted to frappuccinos. She is a sophomore who runs cross country during the fall and spends the rest of her year in the auditorium learning lines for theater. She’s also probably one of the most Marvel-obsessed people you will ever meet. When Abby isn’t geeking over Ant Man or Spider-Man, she’s most likely listening to the soundtrack of another Broadway musical. She spends the rest of her time shoving her camera in everyone’s face and taking videos or pictures of literally everything (go follow her photography page on Instagram, @landwehrphotography). Also, she goes by Abby. Not Abigail. Don’t call her that.

“Kanye … it’s Kanye, Abby,” says Cap as he and the class collectively roll their eyes.

Abby Landwehr , Prowl Video Editor

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