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Kalli Ashby
Kalli is not your average joe, but pretty close. A fashion icon some may say, but only on her good days. While she may look neat and tidy, her backpack and room would definitely say differently. While most kids find themselves loving a certain sport, Kalli has tried them all and her toothpick form just couldn’t handle any of them. Even golf. She often says she hates being social but often finds herself talking to someone or anyone at every point of the day.

While listening to her Indie alternative playlist, she dreams of leaving Powell and finding a rich young man to make sure she never has to work a day in her life, but what are the odds of that happening. She’s not an angry person but if you have stinky breath or get to close In her space a smart remark might leave her mouth. She enjoys drives in Honda or being tucked in a heap of fuzzy blankets while binging the Harry Potter series, and there’s really no in between.

“Some people are all talk,” Adviser Cap says. “That’s not Kalli. She’s all talk and then some … a little Kalli-tude with a dash of salt.”


Kalli Ashby, Prowl reporter

Oct 28, 2019
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Sep 30, 2019
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