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Having the right outfit can make all the difference in dictating having the right mentality for Game Day according to some students.
Having the right outfit can make all the difference in dictating having the right mentality for Game Day according to some students.
Audrey Johnson

Dressing up for game days or days of meets is done by many sports teams at PHS. The boys swim team makes it a requirement to dress up to get on the bus and participate, other teams just encourage athletes to wear nice clothes, but some don’t dress up at all. 

Teams dress up in nice clothes and team apparel to represent Powell and their sport. Some coaches take it more seriously than others, depending on the size of the team and where the event is. 

For example, the track team doesn’t dress up for meets, but if you’re on the swim team and not dressed up for the meet, you can’t get on the bus. Basketball players dress up for home games and have more comfortable travel gear for away games. Many athletes have different opinions on dressing up. 

“I definitely like to [do it],” senior Jhett Schwahn said. “Wearing the suits for home games is something that we all look forward to. In a way, it sets us apart from all the other sports.”

Being an athlete is not just something physically challenging, but a mental challenge, too. Having a good mental mindset is something that can have a huge impact on how athletes compete. Dressing up and looking nice can give athletes confidence that will help them perform their best. 

Adding a unique piece to their outfit lets people have some individuality when they dress up. Taggart Shumway is a junior at Lovell High School who dives for the Powell swim team because Lovell doesn’t have a swim team. 

“Well, I knew since middle school that I always wanted a letterman jacket,” Shumway said. ”I have only imagined a Lovell one. But from the time I’ve spent from freshman year, diving season until now, I’ve become really fond of the friends that I’ve made in Powell. So I wanted to be able to have something that showcased both my life in Lovell and my somewhat alternate one in Powell. I have letters in football, diving, and track, so I only found it fitting to create a jacket that had both Lovell and Powell. The jacket is 100% custom and costs a pretty penny, but I think that it was worth it all.”

Dressing up can come at a cost. Dresses, suits, and other dress clothes can be expensive depending on where they are purchased. Between clothes, shoes, and accessories most outfits will come out over $100.

“I usually wear a black dress with white shoes,” sophomore Ivy Agee said. “Like a $20 to $30 dress and depending on my shoes, $100 to $140.”

Shoes are always trending and popular. This leads to the debate about whether to wear dress shoes or popular sneakers with nice outfits. As dress shoes and heels are the more traditional way to go, sneakers are more comfortable. They can be a more noticeable accessory.

“Well, I’ve always worn dress shoes, and they definitely don’t even come close to the comfort of regular sneakers,” Shumway said. “I think they bring the fit together as a whole better.”

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