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  • September 12Volleyball vs. Thermop today, Sept. 12: Frosh, 4 p.m.; JV 5 p.m.; varsity 6 p.m.

2019-2020 Staff

Natalie Dillivan

Prowl Reporter

Pun appreciator and blanket enthusiast. Spends countless hours in the spring running fast and turning left; she's a track afficianado. (Cappy cuts Natalie plenty of slack, simply because she is forced to endure a lifetime of her...

Tegan Lovelady

Prowl Features Editor/Ag Reporter

Tegan is the equivalent of a math book … way too many problems. If she isn’t singing to herself or subtly laughing, she’s probably taking a nap or talking out of turn. If you need a ‘90s song on the double, Tegan is your...

Madi Fields

Prowl Sports Editor

“If you like farm supplies go to “Bernard’s” (Bomgaars) in Cody,” junior Mycah Wainscott said describing Madi Fields. “Nice” Madi, as she’s come to be known,  is a lover of the mountains and is always in the mountains...

Kayla Kolpitcke

Prowl Assistant Editor

Kayla appears to be a quiet, calm person when you first meet her. But those who know her know she can be quite the opposite. Especially after a run, when major runner’s high kicks in, or when she’s surrounded by her frien...

Abby Landwehr

Prowl Photo/Video Editor

"Abby’s strength and weakness is coffee,” once said sophomore Ashley Dunkerley. This is true because Abby’s basically addicted to frappuccinos. She is a sophomore who runs cross country during the fall and spends the r...

Hailey Carner

Prowl Features Editor

You may think all in all i’m just another brick in the wall but... I’m a cinder-block. And when you think i’m hiding in the corner of Cap’s room, comfortably numb. I’m actually thinking “Mother, do you think...

Lauren Lejeune

Prowl Opinion Editor

Avid Trump supporter and aspiring journalist. (She gets fired up. 'Nuf said.) "I have learned to never, EVER suggest the acronym MAGA just might have another meaning," Adviser Cap warns.

Lauren DeWitz

Prowl Opinion Editor

Hi, I’m Lauren. I am a junior and a Prowl reporter and features editor. I am a highly opinionated actual dumpster (peep the photo). Please read our stories we work very h a r d . _________________________________________ Some words ...

Rachel Kuntz

Prowl Editor

As president of the sass and salt club, she definitely won’t hesitate to throw shade like confetti, leave her house without her sassy pants on or go on with her day without saying at least four salty remarks. Don’t stand in...

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