The Powell Branch Library is getting remodeled.
The Powell Branch Library has relocated to Homesteader Hall at the Powell Fairgrounds.
The Powell Branch Library has relocated to Homesteader Hall at the Powell Fairgrounds.
Curtis Muecke

Thirteen years after its last remodel, the Powell Branch Library is finally getting the changes that the community has been looking for. This summer, the historic building is going to be remodeled from the ground up.

“The current library is being demolished so the issues we currently have in regards to space, areas for students will be solved,” Park County Library Director Karen Horner said. “We will have more space and will have an area that will provide more space to sit, hang out, do homework and engage in fun programs for students.”

Horner said that she is looking forward to having much more space, about 5000 square feet more. This space will have a variety of new uses, such as more separation for different sections of the library. Library volunteers, like sophomore Isabelle Urbach, have been working in an area of about 1000 square feet, not nearly enough space for so many people.

“I can’t wait to see the new space,” Urbach said. “It was getting really cramped with all of the volunteers and employees trying to get work done.” 

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Urbach has been a volunteer at the library for about a year and really enjoys working with all of the people and the books. In fact, this sentiment of the library was echoed across most of the students. The library in Powell has been a popular and safe place for students to meet and socialize for years.

“I love going to the library,” freshman Ella Simmons said. “I’m getting to see most of my friends there.” 

I love going to the library. I’m getting to see most of my friends there.” 

— freshman Ella Simmons

Despite all of the familiarities with the library, many are excited to see the changes that are coming. It seems to be the general consensus that the library was in desperate need of a facelift.

“I can’t wait to see all of the changes that are happening,” junior Jenessa Polson said. “I really would like to see more space.”

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