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The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

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This story is part three of the Thats so Random Series.
Ethan Cartier, Prowl Reporter • March 10, 2023

Hacking has been around since the introduction of the personal computer back in 1974. Today, half a century later, hacking has grown exponentially with an estimated cyber attack occurring nearly every 39 seconds. According...

Powell High School is now offering more classes to the 2023-2024 portfolio.
Ethan Cartier, Prowl Reporter • March 1, 2023

Class registration days have popped up around Powell High School this past week with PHS students required to register for next year’s classes. This year many changes have come to the registration program, such as adding...

This photo displays a section of the classics section at the PHS library. Currently, the school district is creating a new policy to implement to avoid  conflicts that may arise in the future.
Caitlin Belmont, Prowl Reporter • February 28, 2023

In worries for their child’s learning, many parents have come together in an attempt to “ban” books from their children’s school libraries. Topics brought up in these books include sexually explicit themes, violence,...

 Albertsons, located at 1005 West Coulter Avenue, recently opened in Powell. The new store has rapidly gained popularity among Powell residents.
Josie Griffin, Prowl Reporter • February 26, 2023

Albertsons, a long awaited addition to the City of Powell’s businesses, opened Feb. 25 and has already gained an immense number of customers. Powell residents have waited four years for a business to replace Shopko after...

Students from the CNA course practice CPR, as seen with junior Maya Landwehr performing the procedure on a test baby.
Sophie Czirr, Prowl Reporter • February 17, 2023

The certified nursing assistant course has been available for students to pursue at the Powell valley hospital. This year the option of taking this course at the high school has been provided and will be guided by health...

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The Panther Cheer team performs their state routine at a home basketball game after State Cheer was cancelled.  The team ended up taking fourth at state.
Emma Brence, Prowl Reporter • March 13, 2023

Who Fight, We Fight, Orange and Black, Fight Fight Fight FIGHT After the WSHAA postponed the State Cheer competition earlier in the year, squads all around 307 gathered on March 8 to compete at the 2023 State Spirit Competition....

Freshman Allison Leblanc battles her way through her finals match at the first ever Wyoming girls state wrestling tournament.
Katie Morrison, Prowl Reporter • March 9, 2023

A very skilled group of girls made history at the first-ever Wyoming girls state tournament held in Casper on Feb. 24-25. Seeing as this is the first girls state there's a lot to talk about.  “There was a lot of anxiety...

Senior Stetson Davis pins Douglas wrestler, Gabe Lopez, to the ground at the 3A State Championship. Davis was the state champion of the 220 lb. class.
State Sports Stories
March 7, 2023

Freshman Coy Erickson and junior Addy Thorington both go up for a block in a game against Rocky Mountain. This past weekend, the Lady Panthers placed third at the 3A West Regional competition.
Gabby Paterson, Editor-in-Chief • March 7, 2023

After a somewhat treacherous journey to the southern side of the state, both Panther basketball teams punched their tickets into the 3A State Tournament. The Panther boys team began their weekend with a 66-57 victory over...

Senior Anna Bartholomew stands at eighth on the podium, cementing her place as the first girl in Powell High School Indoor Track history to do so in her event, the 800 Meter Dash.
Emma Johnson, Associate Editor • March 6, 2023

Within the environment of Wyoming, the winter months tend to welcome lackadaisical actions in all facets of school life, whether it be academic or athletic. For a select few, the weather didn’t deter them from participating...

Senior Stetson Davis pins Douglas wrestler, Gabe Lopez, to the ground at the 3A State Championship. Davis was the state champion of the 220 lb. class.
Nathan Feller, Senior Executive Editor • March 2, 2023

The PHS Panther wrestling team returned from the Wyoming 3A State Wrestling Tournament with chips on their shoulders and something to prove. The boys and girls finished 6th overall with seven placers. Freshman Gabriel...

Junior Brock Johnson goes for layup against a Worland player on Feb. 10. The Panthers came up short falling to the Warriors 43-60.
Nathan Feller, Senior Executive Editor • February 23, 2023

Championship season has arrived yet again as the warm front slowly pushes out the Wyoming winter. PHS will soon send off its wrestling and basketball teams to compete for the top spot in 3A. The wrestling team returned...

 Members of the Panther boys swim team gather around senior Kobus Diver’s lane as he swims his 500 yard freestyle. Diver placed eighth in this event.
Gabby Paterson, Editor in Chief • February 21, 2023

The Panther boys swim team traveled to Gillette last weekend where they faced some of the toughest competition the 3A swim and dive championship has ever seen.  The boys ended up taking tenth place while Lander swam away...

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Meet the Staff
Nathan Feller
Nathan Feller
Senior Executive Editor
Finally a senior at Powell High School, Nathan Feller has been hit hard by the realization that his almost carefree days are coming to a rapid end. Although, he’s still very excited to start packing for the future.

To occupy himself throughout
Josie Griffin
Josie Griffin
Prowl Reporter
Josie Griffin is a senior at PHS who loves sewing and has managed to make it her main personality trait. If you see her wearing something cool, she probably made it. Although some think she listens to Taylor Swift and TED Talks, Josie enjoys alternative music ranging from indie to hard rock. Josie is always on the lookout for a new underground song to blast in her car.
Sophie Czirr
Sophie Czirr
Prowl Reporter
Sophie Czirr is someone who is made for drinking mountain dew and watching top gun every spare minute she has. She can be the epitome of laziness which can be proven in her decision to play tennis. She strives to finish school with minimal effort but she has an impressive status of finishing her work with mediocre quality. A surprising fact about Sophie is that she is
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Recent Sports Scores
With the semi-annual time change approaching, PHS students give their opinion on daylight savings.
Jimmy Dees, Feature Editor • March 8, 2023

Implemented for the first time in 1918, Daylight Savings Time (DST) has a back and forth history according to Its purpose has been to allot more daylight...

Varsity basketball boys participate in the Pajama Dress Up Day for Make-A-Wish Week by wearing pajama pants during practice that night.
Emma Johnson, Associate Editor • March 1, 2023

Senior Anna Bartholomew stands with her little, Ady Rice, as they pet a horse.
Sophie Czirr, Prowl Reporter • March 1, 2023

There are many struggles that play into a child’s time that they spend at school. Whether it be social skills or just fitting in.  Luckily, there is a program to help...

Senior Allison Morrison shows off her sister, sophomore,  Katie Morrison’s project at the Annual Works Auction.
Emma Brence, Prowl Reporter • February 28, 2023

FFA members, why are we here? To practice brotherhood honor, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities, and to develop those qualities of leadership, which...

During one of the most exciting assemblies for Make-A-Wish, the Student Council pied multiple teachers, including one of the Student Council Advisers Mr. Stephen Whipple.
Emma Johnson, Associate Editor • February 28, 2023

With donations and funds still coming in, the PHS Student Council was able to raise $11,896.74 in honor of the Make-A-Wish organization. Through numerous fundraisers, including...

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Students share their opinions on where they would rather go for spring break.
Caitlin Belmont, Prowl Reporter • March 20, 2023

With spring break coming up, many people are getting ready to have a vacation. The question is, which place is better to go to? The beautiful mountains or the warm beach?  “I would prefer to go to...

The Prowl staff pose for a picture while wearing pajama pants as a social experiment.
Brenna Henderson, Prowl Reporter • March 10, 2023

Some schools have a strict dress code that every student must follow. Although PHS has established rules, for the most part students have the freedom to dress how they want. Pajamas highlight the idea...

Senior Austin Graft surrounds himself with scholarships and college admission information in hopes of discovering a scholarship with standards as low as his self esteem.
Nathan Feller, Senior Executive Editor • March 9, 2023

Much like nearly everything in the United States today, the collegiate world conformed to pressure to make accommodations for minorities in order to avoid accusations of misogyny, bigotry and racism. These...

This lighthouse in Outer Banks, NC is a famous scene in the popular teen drama, Outer Banks.
Sophie Czirr, Prowl Reporter • March 9, 2023

After the popularity of “Outer Banks” skyrocketed during the Covid 19 pandemic, the show has  released not only a second season but now a third.  “Outer Banks” is an adolescent thriller available...

 PHS “couple” Nathan Feller and Austin Graft show their affection for one another with a substantial amount of PDA.
Jimmy Dees, Feature Editor • March 2, 2023

The phrase “PDA is not okay,” is widely known and accepted but to many couples in PHS, it is ignored. The acronym should arguably be turned into “Private Displays of Affection.” “When I'm...

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