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  • February 3Speech & Debate Invitational @ RIVERTON
  • February 3Boys Swimming Conference @ WORLAND (Feb. 3-4)
  • February 3Robotics (Montana State Competition) @ BOZEMAN
  • February 3Indoor Track Invitational @ GILLETTE
  • February 3JV/Varsity Wrestling @ POWELL - 8:00 PM
  • February 3Freshman/JV Girls and Boys Basketball @ POWELL - 1:30 & 3:00 PM
  • February 3Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball @ POWELL – 4:30 & 6:00 PM
The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

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The PHS Drama Club will be putting on a dinner theater production at the fairgrounds on Feb. 10 and 11.
Brenna Henderson, Prowl Reporter • January 30, 2023

The PHS Drama Club and the Culinary Arts class are preparing to team up once again for the upcoming Dinner Theater production on Feb. 10 and 11. This will be the second consecutive year the Culinary Arts and Theater department...

The annual Make-A-Wish week is rapidly approaching. Many activities and fundraising opportunities are planned for the week of Feb. 6-10.
Kara Kraft, Prowl Reporter • January 30, 2023

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organization that allows the dreams of children with critical illnesses to become a reality. This organization has provided many kids with unbelievable experiences and uses the support of others'...

Many PHS juniors and seniors take dual enrollment classes through Northwest College. These students have the opportunity to take a variety of classes alongside traditional college students.
Gabby Paterson, Editor in Chief • January 24, 2023

Dual and concurrent enrollment have become a normality at Powell High School. High achieving juniors and seniors have the opportunity to begin taking college courses before they receive their diploma. While many students...

The latest addition of the Thats so Random series.
Ethan Cartier, Prowl Reporter • December 19, 2022

In 2011, Twentieth Century Fox released the acclaimed movie Rio. The film centers on a Spix’s Macaw, named Blu, moving to Brazil in order to repopulate his species with one of the last females of their kind, Jewel. “But...

From left, seniors Kalin Hicswa, Daniel Merritt, Ethan Cearlock, junior Kik Hayano, and senior Syndey Spomer sit around their designated table as they prepare for the competition.
Gabby Paterson, Associate Editor • December 13, 2022

Jeopardy. The infamous trivia game made for an intellectually elite group of scholars. A game of diverse, randomized quiz questions that contestants must quickly answer. Points are awarded to the contestant who correctly...

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The PHS track and field is where the indoor track team  goes to practice. Although during this time of year it is often covered in a thick layer of snow.
Hayden Keever, Prowl Reporter • January 25, 2023

A great number of athletes from many different sports have joined the new indoor track team, and the time has come to see how they fare against the best runners the state has to offer. Indoor track has seen a good turnout...

Panther wrestling head coach Nick Fulton assists junior Jeremy Harms with a bloody nose after a match on the mat.
Gabby Paterson and Emma Johnson January 24, 2023

The Panthers found success throughout the week of Jan. 16-21 on the court, on the mat and in the pool. As they clock in another week of the season, the Panthers are polishing up their skills for the rapidly approaching postseason.  Facing...

The Lady Panthers stand on the podium together after taking third place at the Girls 3A State Swim and Dive Championship.
Nathan Feller, Editor in Chief • November 22, 2022

The Lady Panther swimming and diving team has signed off for the 2022 season, but not before cementing their place in the PHS history books.  To close out an undefeated season, the girls traveled across the state to take...

Sophomore Kinley Cooley races ahead on the straightaway, as the sides of the course are designated with colorful flags to mark the way to the finish line.
Emma Johnson, Opinion Editor • November 1, 2022

“Run for your teammates. Run for you.”  Before the state race, it has almost become a tradition for Cross Country Coach and Social Studies teacher Mrs. Ashley Hildebrand to give a meaningful quote that gets the team...

The Lady Panther volleyball team stands in a huddle after a play.
Hunter Davis, Prowl Reporter • October 31, 2022

The last couple of weeks have been eventful for the Powell High School volleyball team. With emotional senior nights and hard fought games, the Lady Panthers are gearing up for their regional matches this upcoming Friday. The...

The Lady Panther Swim and Dive stands on the podium with the trophy after winning the East Absaraka Conference Championship for the second year in a row.
Gabby Paterson, Associate Editor • October 28, 2022

After a perfect regular season, the Lady Panther Girls Swim and Dive team became back-to-back conference champions after winning the East Absaraka Conference Championship in Buffalo on Oct. 21-22.  The Lady Panthers scored...

Junior Addy Thorington tosses the ball up for a serve during a game against Red Lodge on Oct. 4.
Nathan Feller and Gabby Paterson October 13, 2022

Week seven of the 2022 fall season was a success for PHS athletics. The Panthers and Lady Panthers all boosted their respective records as they take one step closer to the end of the fall campaign.  The PHS football team...

The Panther football team runs out of the tunnel before a home game against Lander. The Panthers beat the Tigers 10-7.
Nathan Feller, Editor in Chief • September 23, 2022

Week four was an overall success for PHS athletics. Most teams have reached the halfway mark in their respective regular seasons. The Panther football team traveled to Douglas Sep. 16 to challenge the Bearcats on their...

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Meet the Staff
Kara Kraft
Kara Kraft
Prowl Reporter
Kara Kraft is a resident junior of Powell High School that is never quite sure what’s going on around them. They spend most of their time catching up on homework from the day before or simply lounging around. Kara loves writing, reading or sitting back and watching sports matches, especially soccer and volleyball, or watching their favorite shows. While some may say
Sophie Czirr
Sophie Czirr
Prowl Reporter
Sophie Czirr is someone who is made for drinking mountain dew and watching top gun every spare minute she has. She can be the epitome of laziness which can be proven in her decision to play tennis. She strives to finish school with minimal effort but she has an impressive status of finishing her work with mediocre quality. A surprising fact about Sophie is that she is
Emma Brence
Emma Brence
Prowl Reporter
Emma Brence is a PHS junior who is usually running from FFA officer meetings to sports, to clogging, and then to FFA practices. Besides all of this, she would rather be anywhere but school. Her best friends are her cat and her 3-year-old cousin. Needless to say she doesn't have much of a social life. She has a bubbly personality when she doesn’t have morning practice
Recent Sports Scores
Powell Shoshone FFA’s Wool Judging team stands for a picture after receiving the Reserve Champion team title.
Emma Brence, Prowl Reporter • January 31, 2023

On Jan. 9-10, Powell Shoshone FFA’s wool judging team traveled to Laramie to compete at the 7220 Wool Judging Contest. The team consists of junior Brooke Bessler, junior...

In the week before attending the Worlando Beach tournament, the Speech and Debate team attended the Thermopolis tournament, as pictured above.
Ethan Cartier, Prowl Reporter • January 30, 2023

On Friday, Jan. 13, the Powell Speech and Debate team traveled southeast to Worland to participate in a two-day tournament. Two teams, one consisting of juniors Emma Johnson...

 Allison Morrison at State Legislative day with the First Lady and Trista Ostrom.
Katie Morrison, Prowl Reporter • January 30, 2023

High school leaders are often influential and are always making an impact within their school or community.  Caught up in planning high school events through Student Council,...

PHS Student Council and National Honor Society weigh and sort food after the December food drive.
Sophie Czirr, Prowl Reporter • January 26, 2023

We’ve had football, volleyball, basketball and so much more, but almost nothing can compare to this year's canned food drive competition. Powell High School’s Student...

Brenna Henderson and Korbin Harvison wait anxiously backstage before their performance
Sophie Czirr, Prowl Reporter • December 19, 2022

The Northwest College and Powell High School concert choirs gave a wonderful performance for the Vespers concert at the First United Methodist Church.  “This was the...

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The famous quote, “I have a dream” was delivered by MLK on Aug. 28, 1963 during the march on Washington.
Jimmy Dees, Prowl Reporter • January 31, 2023

On Jan. 16, a national holiday came and went. Martin Luther King Day is celebrated annually and honors the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK). Many school districts and companies have a day off to...

Hugs are common to a lot of peoples lives. This article explores the science behind hugs.
Caitlin Belmont, Prowl Reporter • January 30, 2023

Hugs. They aren’t for everyone, but they sure can lift someone's mood. Stress about graduation, sports, good grades and many other worries can escalate as the winter season continues. When used appropriately,...

True crime and serial killers have become a staple in American Culture. Ranging from obessions with TV shows to attraction to legitimate murderers, Americans are captivated by crime in all it’s ‘glory.’
Nathan Feller, Senior Executive Adviser • January 30, 2023

The American Psycho – not the famed movie starring Christian Bale – but the concept; an idea that American culture has become obsessed with. From the “Halloween” movie franchise to the late night...

A vintage sewing machine sits waiting to be used by a talented seamstress.
Josie Griffin, Prowl Reporter • January 25, 2023

There seems to be something new trending each month. It may be a piece of clothing, a water bottle or how to decorate your bedroom. To keep up with the ever changing clothing trends, many brands have searched...

Senior Austin Graft desperately searches for a way to properly express the emotions that are trapped within instead of completing his assignment.
Nathan Feller, Editor in Chief • December 13, 2022

There is a sickness that runs rampant through the hallways and classrooms of PHS each and every year. This disease wields the capability to corrupt even the mightiest of bookworms and transform them into...

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