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  • LADY PANTHER VBALL 3 KEMMERER 0 25-13, 25-12, 25-16


Wondering about how to get the most out of high school and to prepare for your future?  Read these tips to make sure you stay on track!

10th Grade Checklist

  • Meet with your counselor to review your high school course plans.
  • Take challenging courses in high school.
  • Know the requirements of the Hathaway Scholarship Program.
  • Continue to develop good study skills!
  • Start exploring your college and career options.  Explore online to create a list of colleges you may be interested in and request more information. Check out the counseling web page links.
  • See your counselor to do an interest inventory.
  • Determine some goals you would like to achieve during and after high school.
  • Participate in volunteer activities.
  • Continue building a high school resume, keeping track of all your extracurricular activities and any awards or honors you receive.  Save this in your one-drive.
  • Apply to represent PHS at Sophomore leadership seminars and academic enrichment opportunities, such as HOBY and HSI.
  • Sign-up to take the PSAT Test in October to practice and be eligible for the National Merit Program (scholarship) during Junior year.
  • Attend the Career Exploration Day at NWC in April.
  • Download this great check list for steps that students should take during high school while preparing college . College Prep Checklist (Grades 10-12) – Coronavirus edition
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