The Prowl


Wondering about how to get the most out of high school and to prepare for your future?  Read these tips to make sure you stay on track!

10th Grade Checklist

  • Meet with your counselor to review your high school course plans.
  • Take challenging courses in high school.
  • Know the requirements of the Hathaway Scholarship Program.
  • Continue to develop good study skills!
  • Start exploring your college and career options.  Explore online to create a list of colleges you may be interested in and request more information. Check out the counseling web page links.
  • See your counselor to do an interest inventory.
  • Determine some goals you would like to achieve during and after high school.
  • Participate in volunteer activities.
  • Continue building a high school resume, keeping track of all your extracurricular activities and any awards or honors you receive.  Save this in your one-drive.
  • Apply to represent PHS at Sophomore leadership seminars and academic enrichment opportunities, such as HOBY and HSI.
  • Sign-up to take the PSAT Test in October to practice and be eligible for the National Merit Program (scholarship) during Junior year.
  • Attend the Career Exploration Day at NWC in April.
  • Download this great check list for steps that students should take during high school while preparing college . College Prep Checklist (Grades 10-12) – Coronavirus edition
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