The Prowl


Wondering about how to get the most out of high school and to prepare for your future?  Read these tips to make sure you stay on track!

9th Grade Checklist

  • Know the requirements for graduation and develop a plan for your courses throughout high school.
  • Know the requirements of the Hathaway Scholarship Program.
  • Studying pays off!  Your grades count toward your future choices.  Whenever you are absent, make sure you stay on top of make-up work.
  • Begin developing good study habits you can stick with throughout high school.
  • Read for pleasure – and learn new vocabulary.
  • If you are struggling in a class, talk with your teacher or visit with the counselor.
  • Talk to your parents and counselor about your interests and goals.  Find opportunities to meet people who are working in fields that interest you.  Investigate job-shadowing opportunities.
  • Explore clubs and activities in and outside of school that will offer you the chance to develop your unique interests and abilities and your leadership skills.  Consider volunteering in your community.
  • Begin a high school resume, keeping track of all your extracurricular activities and any awards or honors you receive.  Save this on your one-drive.
  • Those who are old enough may consider getting a summer job.  Others might take on volunteer work to gain experience.
  • All students need to end their freshman year with a minimum of 6 credits.
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