Park County students take on Rodeo Fashion
Park Country Students discuss topics and trends during the National Finals Rodeo.
Park Country Students discuss topics and trends during the National Finals Rodeo.
Emma Brence

The National Finals Rodeo stands as the pinnacle week in the PRCA Rodeo circuit. Throughout this event, the Top 15 contenders in each category, such as Bullfighting and breakaway, compete in a fierce competition all week. 

They vie for coveted world titles in their respective events, and the All Around Competition. It is a week of unparalleled excitement and determination in the world of rodeo

The National Finals Rodeo not only transcends its significance for professional athletes; it also emerges as a monumental week for fans. As enthusiasts converge on Las Vegas to rally behind their favorite athletes, society has embraced this occasion as an opportunity to don extravagant attire and immerse themselves in the festivities with a touch of glamor and style.

“I think they are something fun and unique to this rodeo because at many other [rodeos] not everyone gets all dressed up,” Cody High School student Halle Robinson said. “Personally I don’t think I would wear most of the trends just because I prefer a more simple outfit.”

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Over the past decade, social media has played a pivotal role in amplifying the allure of Western attire, shedding a spotlight on trends and fashion statements rooted in the Western lifestyle

“Social media like Instagram and TikTok has really helped the NFR gain publicity,” senior Victoria Beaudry said. “Most recently Tik Tok has helped introduce the fashion world to the NFR.”

In recent weeks, both fans and athletes have been at the forefront of setting trends, and shaping the fashion landscape. Whether it’s the distinctive attire sported by dedicated supporters or the unique fashion statements showcased by athletes, this period has become a dynamic showcase of creativity and individual expression. 

“I have seen mostly some bright colors and sparkles as the base of many outfits,” Robinson said. “A lot of women now are incorporating the tall pointy boots into their outfits as well.”

The rodeo fashion scene has been truly vibrant and captivating, with each outfit serving as a unique piece of the style puzzle. However, it’s worth noting that in this distinctive arena, jewelry and accessories play a pivotal role. The attention to detail and the choice of accessories become crucial elements in elevating the overall rodeo fashion experience.

“I have also noticed a lot of turquoise and Navajo pearls and jewelry across the fan base and athletes,” Beaudry said. “I love that those are coming into style as they are one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.”

The fans aren’t the only ones seizing the chance to dress up; the professionals are also showcasing their style in impressive fashion.

“Round 1 barrel racing, Sissy Winn, her outfit had a lot of color,” freshman Gabi Gernhardt said. “And I think that she channels her energy into her outfits which is why she is a standout”

Round 1 barrel racing, Sissy Winn, her outfit had a lot of color. And I think that she channels her energy into her outfits which is why she is a standout

— freshman Gabi Gernhardt

The Back Number Gala presents a significant opportunity for professionals and their families to dress up in style. This ceremony holds immense importance in the athletes’ weeks, serving as a thrilling prelude to the competitions. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the event have sparked a showcase of impressive looks, making it a prime moment for participants to make a stylish entrance before the intensity of the competition unfolds.

“My favorite outfit from the back number ceremony was Tristin Parker’s,” Gernhart said. “His jacket was custom leather with his name carved into it, and I loved the green color of the jacket itself.”

Many other professionals didn’t disappoint with their looks, athletes such as Lefty Holman, Tuff Cooper, and Hailey Kinsel caught the eye of magazines as well as the PHS students.

“Lefty Holeman’s jacket was iconic,” Beaudry said “It was such a good statement piece with the Teddy Roosevelt speech printed on the back, it was a great way to get everyone excited about the upcoming events.”

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