Holiday movies debate takes on discourse in high school hallways
The debate over Christmas movies is often one that holds great weight in the minds of those who celebrate the holidays.
The debate over Christmas movies is often one that holds great weight in the minds of those who celebrate the holidays.
Emma Johnson

Christmas movies are one of the best ways to get in the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s Frosty the Snowman or Santa, Christmas movies are loved by many people.

Everyone has an opinion on what Christmas movie is the best, and all of them could have strong arguments, but what movies are the best? According to, these are the top 3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation(1983) is 3rd. The runner-up is Love Actually(2003). 1st on the list is Home Alone(1990). These movie rankings were based on IMDb data. Comedy Christmas movies are likely to do much better because people are more joyful during the holiday season.  Romance is another genre of movie that could rise during Christmas time but it is not as popular with the younger watchers. 

When asking PHS students what their favorite kind of Christmas movie is, one mentioned Disney.

“Probably Disney ones,” freshman Rowan Borcher said. “Because there’s a lot of original ones on Disney that I grew up watching and are kind of like  a tradition during the holidays.”

New Christmas movies are always coming out, but can they compare with any of the classics? Most of the movies in the top ten above are old and only three were made in the last 20 years.   Many of the classic Christmas movies we love aren’t modern. These older movies give us another feeling that feels like Christmas and better contain the meaning of Christmas.                           

“I like the older Christmas movies better,” junior Kendal Eden said. “Because they aren’t obsessed with giving the characters social media and the most presents.”

Watching holiday movies is a fun Christmas tradition that people do with friends and family. Some people plan to watch Christmas movies and do it annually whereas some choose a Christmas movie last minute.        

“Watching movies with my family during the holidays has been a family tradition that started when both my parents were old enough to comprehend the movie,” sophomore William Shelby said. “When my little brother and I could understand the movies, we made it into a tradition.”

Just like watching any other movie, the right snacks are necessary. Popcorn is good for a regular movie, but Christmas movies bring together great tastes like popcorn with sweet Christmas treats with hot chocolate or apple cider to warm you up.

“Popcorn just because it’s easy to make,” Borcher said. “You can add stuff to it to make it more Christmas-like.

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