Several viewers share their thoughts and ideas on possible improvements regarding the 2024 Halftime Show
Usher performs with one of the appearing artists; Alicia Keys.
Usher performs with one of the appearing artists; Alicia Keys.
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At the 2024 Super Bowl, the riveting halftime show was performed by the well-known artist Usher. He was accompanied by Alicia Keys, H.E.R., Will., Ludacris, Lil Jon, and more. 

One halftime show spectator, Wendy Roth, enjoyed the entertainment that was provided at the game. 

“I liked the dancing much more than previous years,” Roth said. “I liked that Alicia Keys was part of it. I would have enjoyed having her have a bigger part. The rollerblading had a nice effect. Usher is a pretty good skater!” 

Another viewer of the halftime show, freshman Caydee Eden, had a different opinion on Usher’s performance. 

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“I mean it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t the best,” Eden said. “It felt like he didn’t hype the crowd up. I only recognized his last song, ‘Yeah!’.” 

Science teacher Lenita Moore shared a similar outlook. The collection of music was not recognized, therefore making the show less entertaining. 

“My problem was, I wasn’t familiar with a lot of the music,” Moore said. “I know some of the people, but it’s not music I like to listen to all the time. I like halftime shows better when I recognize the music and it’s stuff I listen to.” 

Junior Trevion Solberg enjoyed the performance, but expressed that previous shows have been better in the past. 

“I don’t know if anyone would have been better suited,” Solberg said. “My favorite halftime show was the one two years ago with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, and Eminem. I would have liked something like that more than the show this year.” 

Erica Baker had a viewpoint that was similar to Solberg’s. She shared that the halftime show performers used to be more popular, or intriguing artists. 

I think they could choose artists that are more appealing to the masses, or legacy artists,” Baker said. “It used to be people like Michael Jackson and Prince.” 

Moore enjoyed the presence of the singer Will I Am. She shared that she wasn’t a constant listener of his music but that he came to a robotics competition a few years ago. 

“Will. was there,” Moore said. “When I was at Robotics Worlds in Houston he actually came and watched robotics ….I don’t listen to his music, but because he came and supported robotics I thought it was cool.” 

Overall, most agreed the entertainment proved to be a repetitive show they have seen in previous years. Variation would be appreciated and perhaps increase the enjoyment of the spectators. 

“They need to switch it up a little bit more,” Moore said. “I don’t have any ideas, but it’s not my job. Something different would be great because it’s always the same thing. That’s why I don’t like to sit and watch it thoroughly because I don’t care about the people. And it’s the same year after year.” 

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