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Deano’s Old Fashioned Hamburger “Boppers” comes with a good portion of fries.
Deano’s Old Fashioned Hamburger “Boppers” comes with a good portion of fries.
Nalani Jordan

The phone line rings loudly over the sound of sizzling burgers and the smell of crisp fries. Buzzing with energy, Deano’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers was very busy. It had a steady stream of regulars that owner Debbie chats with happily. 


A similar image played out at other food trucks around the area. The Rolling Stove, The Greek Station, Yoder’s Doughnuts, and Bayou Express were five food trucks that reporters Curtis Muecke and Nalani Jordan visited over the past week. 


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Deano’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers 

Overall Rating:  7/10

Service:  The wait time was longer than expected, about 15-20 minutes. 

Menu/Food Quality:  The veggies on the burger were fresh and juicy, and the fries were crispy and delectable. They also have a breakfast menu.

Atmosphere:  Very busy, lots of regulars. The owner was very friendly. 

Value:  $$ About as expensive as a sit-down restaurant. The “Boppers” burger cost $17.00, but did come with a fair portion of fries. 


The Rolling Stove

Overall Rating:  7/10

Service:  The wait time was about 10-15 minutes. 

Menu/Food Quality: The burger’s bun was exceptionally good. It came with a small bag of chips, and the veggies and sauces were on the side. The burger itself also had good flavor, and at first appeared to be slightly overdone, but was actually very juicy. On the other hand, the pulled pork sandwich was not a favorite. With too many hard pieces and too little sauce, it fell short of expectations. 

Atmosphere: Busy. Some waited in cars, and others just stood outside.  

Value: $$ The menu was pretty expensive. A hamburger was $12.00, a cheeseburger was $14.00, and a pulled pork sandwich was $18.00. All came with a side of chips. 


The Greek Station

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

Service: The wait time was about average, around 8 minutes.

Menu/Food Quality: The pork gyro was delicious. It was a bit dry, but the tzatziki sauce helped add moisture. The pita was soft and fluffy, with a nice crisp outside. The vegetables added great textural elements.

Atmosphere: Steady to slightly busy, but Mr. Takos kept up great with the line and had a smile on his face the whole time.

Value: $ to $$ Certain items are available at a great price, but others can get a little spendy. The pork gyro was $17.


Yoder’s Donuts

Overall Rating: 9/10

Service: The donuts were on the rack, so the wait time was only a handful of minutes, but sometimes the line can stretch.

Menu/Food Quality: The donut was delicious. It was very soft, with a nice layer of glaze. It was not too sweet. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if it had been hot.

Atmosphere: Slow, but can be VERY busy, around 9 to 10 people.

Value: $ For the quality, the price is great. 3 donuts is $8.


Bayou Express

Overall Rating: 6/10

Service: The wait time was around 10-15 minutes.

Menu/Food Quality: The muffuletta sandwich was okay, but it really had no redeeming qualities. The flavors were all very strong and nothing stood out. The bread was very flat and had no fluff to it at all.

Atmosphere: Very slow.

Value: $ to $$ Okay prices, but a little high for the quality. The sandwich was $14.

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