PHS senior finds success on the bowling alley


Photo courtesy: Kim Heath

Colton Johannsen (far right) and his Cody teammates (from left) George Gaona, Carson Heath, Isaiah Anderson of Cody won the State Travel League tournament on March 31.

Sports. Most people when hearing that word think of  football, soccer, volleyball or basketball. But for senior Colton Johannsen, a different kind of sport comes to mind. Bowling.

“My interest in bowling came from my parents and my family from Colorado,” Johannsen said. “My mom worked in a bowling alley when she was my age. My family in Colorado was always into the bowling scene and are good acquaintances with the great bowling phenom Randy Scharf.”

For many, bowling is a fun way to hang out with friends or celebrate a birthday but for Johannsen it’s so much more.

“I bowl anywhere from once or twice a week up to 4 times a week during the free practice that the youth administrator offers,” Johannsen said. “I also participate in many tournaments and jamborees.”

Johannsen’s bowling history starts way back in elementary school.

“I’ve been bowling for fun since I was in about second grade but competitively since fifth grade till current,” Johannsen said. “I plan to continue bowling till my dying age and definitely plan on teaching my children the ins and outs of the sport.”

His interest was planted by his family but it was his coach who led him to be the competitor he is today. Johannsen was recently awarded the Dave Pollock Memorial Scholarship for his bowling accomplishments.

“On May 2nd I received the Dave Pollock Memorial Scholarship, a huge accomplishments to me and to my family and the bowling community,” Johannsen said.

Coaches guide teams through the hardships and triphuments of competing. For many coaches are a role model and play a monumental rule in the lives of young kids involved in activities.

“Dave Pollock was my late bowling coach in Cody,” Johannsen said. “He taught me almost everything I know about bowling and how to adjust to any setup or situation. He passed away in May of 2017. He had no children or spouse, so I inherited both of his left handed balls and his ball bag, which was a huge honor. He and I were really close and I’ve never had anyone like him to coach me. The scholarship is put on by the elks club in Cody which he was apart of and it’s worth $500 which will be going to my education at UW.”

Not only does Johannsen bowl locally he also competes at the state level.

“I’ve been selected to the all-male state team four  times, twice in the last two years,” Johannsen said. “I’ve been apart of two state tournament championship teams. Once for state travel league this year, and once last year for state bowling, which was a scratch tournament, which has the highest prestigious honor for being the best all around team in the state.”

Although you bowl individually teams are just as prominent as any other sport.

“My team consisted of myself, Isaiah Anderson, Carson Heath, and George Gaona, all from Cody,” and they recently won the Wyoming State Travel League championship.

Johannsen’s Cody teammates have not only made strikes but also friendships that has lasted through the years.

“I have known Colton for as many years back as I can remember,” Heath said. “ I have competed against him for a few of those years. I have bowled on his team for about five years.”

Teams are like a machine: all the members have to contribute in order for the team to work as well oiled machine.

“It is great to have someone like Colton there on your team,” Heath said. “The reason why is simply because he is a leader. When he is bowling not average. He’s still there cheering us on and keeping the right attitude. When we are struggling he’s always right there telling us not to worry about it to just work on it and we’ll figure it out. You would never see Colton down on his teammates.”