Park County County District #1 Awards PHS Teacher

Emma Johnson

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Emma Johnson

On May 11, PCSD #1 Superintendent Mr. Jay Curtis awarded Mrs. Tracy McArthur the District Teacher of Year Award in front of the PHS student body, faculty, and staff. While giving her acceptance speech, her grandson playfully hid in the curtains.

As the school year comes to a close and students and staff alike start to count down the days before the long-anticipated final bell, this allotted time has given people the chance to reflect on all of the hard work that has gone into the past nine months. 

While some reminisced upon the hours of after-school activities and the sheer amount of projects completed, a separate group took the initiative to commemorate the work and dedication of one of Powell High School’s very own teachers. 

Just two weeks ago, English teacher, history teacher, cross country coach and track coach, Mrs. Tracy McArthur, was honored at the 2022 District Teacher of the Year Ceremony. Throughout the course of her career, Mrs. McArthur has made a difference in many of her students’ lives, regardless of whether they were in her classroom or out on the track. 

“For me, [Mrs. McArthur] has always been not just a great coach, but a person that I look up to,” freshman Salem Brown said. “She pushes all of her athletes to do their best and no matter the result, she remains proud. She is an inspiration to me and she genuinely impacts people’s lives in more ways than she knows. I haven’t even had her as a teacher yet but I can only imagine how much of a difference she makes there too.” 

And as for the positive ratings that surround any of Mrs. McArthur’s classes, it isn’t just a rumor. For junior Dacovney Brochu, there was one particular event in Mrs. McArthur’s classroom that truly resonated with them. 

She wasn’t required to do this but she spent her own time giving something to her students… even when she was outside of the classroom she was still looking out for her students.”

— Dacovney Brochu

The positivity and genuinity of Mrs. McArthur is something that cannot be easily replicated, and no one knows that better than her daughter Marquette Bullock, who was hiding in the back of the auditorium to surprise her mom, alongside Bullock’s three boys.

“When we were hiding in the back, I was super excited for her … just to be there to support her and see her reaction was fun,” Bullock said. “Granted, I may be a little biased, but I think a lot of people don’t see the behind-the-scenes. I grew up seeing how much care she put into each student, the sports, and just all of the things she involves herself with.” 

Evidently, the motherly attributes of Mrs. McArthur don’t singularly impact her children but also hold an influence on the kids she comes in contact with. 

“[Mrs. McArthur] deserved teacher of the year because she treats every kid like they’re her own,” freshman Kenna Jacobsen said. “She devotes herself to her teaching and coaching and I admire that about her. She has so much love for her athletes and I have really felt that.”

As a part of the award, Mrs. McArthur will have the chance to apply for Wyoming Teacher of the Year and through this program, she will have the opportunity to become a nominee for the National Teacher of the Year Program. 

But at the end of the day, Mrs. McArthur has made a difference in so many students’ lives, and judging by the standing ovation at the assembly, the appreciation for her will never be forgotten.

“Mrs. McArthur is an engaging teacher that makes learning fun. She has a way of captivating students. I appreciate that she is respectful to students and really wants to see them succeed. Her classroom presence is inclusive, which encourages participation and sharing. I have greatly benefitted from my time with Mrs. McArthur as my teacher. She sets a standard that others should follow in terms of teaching style, communication abilities, and demeanor. Please consider her for Teacher of the Year. She is a worthy candidate.”

– Anonymous Nomination by PHS Student