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Aidan Wantulok

Aidan Wantulok, Prowl Reporter

Aidan Wantulok is a new junior at PHS. People who know him will say he’s soft spoken and very awkward. He likes spending time with his black lab, Weston. If you see him walk into school, he’s already ripped a monster to get through the day. After noticing his style, you can tell he was born in California. This leads to his next trait of thinking he dresses much better than he actually does. His yellow crocs are his favorite. 

Even though he is the much cooler of the two, Aidan is often mistaken for his twin brother, Matthew. He is also five minutes older, and much more mature. He spends too much time on Tik Tok and listening to music. He loves playing baseball and hanging out with friends. 

“It’s nice to have a friend who is just as awkward as I am,” Prowl new editor Gabby Paterson said. “Aidan is always there to make a stupid joke or even be my wing man (which he’s not great at).”

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Aiden Wantulok