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Mia Hinegardner

Mia Hinegardner, Prowl Reporter

Mia is a very unsure person. She is a sophomore and doesn’t do any sports or extracurricular activities. Mia tends to stay to herself and likes to joke amongst herself and friends. Mia also tends to doodle all over herself and any paper she can get her hands on. She has a very busy mind and more than likely is listening to every single conversation in the room. She also is a very unorganized mess, but she is able to find her things easily… unless she ‘forgot’ it. Don’t be afraid to talk to her, she is a very open and happy person. She loves when people openly talk to her, even if she looks angry all the time. “She spends absolutely no time working on school work."

Mia isn’t a very outgoing and extra person. She likes to just chill out and be herself. She likes to spend her time either with her friends or by herself in her room. She also likes to participate in GSA. Mia is the secretary of GSA and loves it.

“Mia is the kind of person who is very introverted, but once you get to know them, can be super outgoing and funny,” Prowl Sports Editor and junior at Powell High School Shelby Fagan said.

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Mia Hinegardner