Students compare events that have happened in 2020 vs 2024
Senior Lucy Whipple from freshman to senior year.
Senior Lucy Whipple from freshman to senior year.
Lucy Whipple

As four years have flown by, people stop and realize the change. Students compare events that happened in 2020 to 2024. 

All over many social media apps, there has been a rise in the trend of conspiracy theories that have circulated the internet. Various opinions have been publicly proclaimed, including opinions on the Superbowl, election, famous deaths,  and the leap year.

“I think this year is going to be a lot like 2020,” freshman Addison Lynn said. “ I think we are going to have a lot of bad stuff coming up again because there was a lot of bad stuff that has come up on the internet and famous deaths already this year.”

The election has been a huge topic and many students have had a mixed variety of opinions. Including the rise in the election with the exact same people in the top running spots as 2020.

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“I think that the whole politics side of thing could be crazier than 2020,” freshman Juliana Marquez said. “There was a bunch of propaganda on Trump and Biden’s things [elections] and it probably will be worse.”

On the other side of things, seniors compare their freshman year to their senior year so far. COVID had the class of 2024 in its grip during their freshman year so many things have progressively gotten better.

“My freshman year we were just coming out of Covid year,” senior Wyatt Heffington said. “We were pretty limited, we were wearing masks and had to walk one direction in the hallways, looking back I’m surprised we’ve made it through that, it was crazy how ridiculous all the restrictions were and I am very grateful that it is no longer the case.”

To conclude, while 2020 was a horrible year of great restrictions and a traumatic life changer, students have deduced that it has made them grow for all the better. From the looks of it 2024 is starting very similarly to 2020 and the results will be revealed in a short time. 

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