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  • April 23Soccer JV Boys VS Cody @Cody - 4 PM
  • April 23TOMORROW: Late start for upperclassmen @10 AM (WYTOPP testing for underclassmen)
  • April 23Dance Team Parent Meeting @PHS Library - 6 PM
  • April 23Soccer JV Girls VS Cody @Cody - 6 PM
  • April 23Soccer Varsity Boys VS Cody @Cody - 6 PM
  • April 23Soccer Varsity Girls VS Cody @Cody - 4 PM
  • April 22(April 27) PROM @PHS Commons ~ 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM
  • April 22Good luck to those competing at State SkillsUSA in Casper!
The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

The student news site of Powell (Wyo.) High School

The Prowl

Norah Startin

Norah Startin, Prowl Reporter

Norah Startin is a sophomore who constantly forgets she is in her second year of high school. No matter how many times you ask her she will most likely forget and say she is still a freshman. One of her favorite traits about herself is how smiley and bubbly she is, she even has multiple sweatshirts and T-shirts saying her favorite quote “Stay Happy” 

Some of Norah’s favorite things to do in her personal time are theatre and makeup. Makeup is something Norah has been pretty obsessed with since she was a kid and is one of the many things that describe her personality. Theatre is pretty much Norah’s break from reality and is her favorite after-school activity. Theatre people have become her family and loves every moment she gets to spend with them. 

If you ever find Norah outdoors, chances are she is in the lake at every sunny moment just paddleboarding her life away or even just jumping off random docks into the water at every chance she gets.

“Norah is a bubbly person,” sophomore Kumora Snell said. “She likes to randomly break out dancing and make everyone laugh.”

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Powell Highschool choir students rehearse their pieces in preparation for Pre-Festival.


Norah Startin, Prowl Reporter
April 11, 2024
PHS Choir teacher Rachel Schoessler has released some new tunes on streaming platforms.


Norah Startin, Prowl Reporter
March 18, 2024
Senior Lucy Whipple from freshman to senior year.


Norah Startin, Prowl Reporter
March 2, 2024
 Students make up work after being gone for multiple days from sickness.


Norah Startin, Prowl Reporter
February 13, 2024
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