PHS drama performs classic mystery this weekend


The “Clue” posters around the school and community depict an image from the classic board game.

Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Ms. Peacock, Mr. Green and Ms. Scarlet. Names some people have known since childhood.

Coming to Powell High School this Friday-Saturday, Nov. 9-10, these well known characters come to life in the PHS production of Clue.

The murder mystery created from the loved board game, Clue is the latest performance being prepared by the Northwest College Intro to Theatre class. All game characters — and some surprising new characters — are played by students within the class.

“Overall, it takes a lot of hard work to get a play together,” senior Cierra Bridges said. “One thing that people sometimes don’t realize is when you’re building a set, that takes some time and effort.”

For each performance put on by the PHS theatre club or classes, the actors are not only responsible for playing their casted character, but also the production of the set, costumes and makeup. This not only makes the short amount of time we have to prepare even shorter, but it gradually gets more hectic as the dates move closer.

“Getting costumes together took a while because we’re doing a double cast, and so you have to maybe have a different dress or a different costume to fit a different person.”

Just like last year, PHS theatre is having a double-casted play, meaning the casts for Friday and Saturday will be different. Most of the cast members are playing two different roles, so each night will be different.

“The plot really locks you in,” senior Lucy Sullivan said. “[Clue] is so much fun it’s criminal.”

In order to understand these lovely puns, go and see the play in the PHS auditorium on Nov. 9-10. Come both nights for different characters. Tickets will be sold at the door. The price is $3 for students and $5 for general admission.

Now take a CLUE and watch Clue performed by the Powell High School theatre class.


Clue cast


Mr. Wadsworth – Grant Dillivan

Yvette – Ashlyn Aguirre

Miss Scarlet – Lucy Sullivan

Mrs. Peacock – Red Flores

Mrs. White – Rachel Bozell

Colonel Mustard – John Walker

Professor Plum – Trevor Feller

Mr. Green – Nic Fulton


Mr. Wadsworth – Aidan Hunt

Yvette – Ashlynn Aguirre

Miss Scarlet – Kenadee Bott

Mrs. Peacock – Cierra Bridges

Mrs. White – Abigail Cubbage

Colonel Mustard – Holden Wilson

Professor Plum – Trevor Feller

Mr. Green – Takota Hammond