PHS sophomore looks to hit it big with his own business


Erin Beavers

Andy Beavers shows off the "Andy's Donuts" logo.

A small town doesn’t necessarily mean small business opportunities.

But Andy Beavers has other ideas.

Beavers, a sophomore at Powell High School, is becoming an entrepreneur at 16 years old.

“I started making my donuts two years ago, but I actually came up with the idea of Andy’s Donuts three years ago,” Beavers said. “I came out with the business before I even learned how to properly make donuts, so I guess you could say I jumped the gun a little bit.”

Beavers has always had a passion for food but has been drawn towards donuts since middle school.

“In the seventh grade, we were required by our social studies teacher to create our own business, and Andy decided to do donuts,” childhood friend and PHS sophomore Hailee Hyde said.

Isaac Gutierrez, Andy’s best friend since the second grade added: “I remember him showing interest in donuts in the seventh and eighth grade.”

Beavers’ childhood dream was to start a steakhouse, but he soon realized he wanted a mobile unit instead.

“I just like donuts so much, and my friends suggested I start a donut truck,” Beavers said. “I thought it was a good idea and I pursued it.”

Beavers has sold his donuts at school as well as to neighbors and friends, but the grand opening of his food  truck will be this summer at the Park County Fair.

“Donuts are $1 each, half a dozen for $5 and a dozen for $10,” Beavers said.

Beavers learned to make his favorite donut (glazed) from Pinterest and YouTube along with the help of his grandma.

“Andy’s Donuts are like Krispy Kreme donuts,” Hyde said. “That’s how good they are.”

Although a process, Beavers is determined to make Andy’s Donuts a small-town success.

“I plan to become rich and become a billionaire,” Beavers said. “Currently I’m in the hole $10,000 because of everything I’ve bought, but I’m confident my business will take off.”