Prowl reporter discusses the rise of women in politics

Women have had the ability to vote for almost 100 years now, but their voices have just begun to be heard.

Just this year, a record number of women were voted into both houses of Congress and they are not staying quiet. According to, a record-breaking 102 House of Representatives seats are now occupied by women.

Women make up a bigger share of national lawmakers than ever, and yet the share of women in major political positions remains disproportionately low. Women make up around 19 percent of all members of Congress and less than 25 percent of all state legislators (

However, the underrepresentation has not slowed anyone down, and has actually inspired these women to do more.

Why are these numbers significant? Women historically have been underrepresented in politics, and now that they are gaining steam, they aren’t going to let up. The women who have succeeded these seats have huge agendas, and some are being punished for them.

It seems that the men in power are threatened by the rising number of powerful female voices, yet these women are not taking a step back from fighting for civil and human rights.

Many of these congresswomen have been featured in the news for being “too controversial” or “too aggressive,” when they have only displayed traits of traditional politicians. These women simply are rising up and getting things done.

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the first muslim women in Congress, are examples of this, and are both standing their ground. Their agenda’s include Medicare for all and $15 minimum wage (

Another notable congresswoman, and someone who is in the news all the time is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC. AOC is the youngest woman ever elected into Congress and is very vocal. She fights the patriarchy with an aggressive social media presence and a progressive platform that calls for generational, racial and ideological change (

Because of the rise of women in congress, other women have gained the courage to run for office as well, but this time it’s the big office.

According to the Chicago Tribune, five women are attempting to make history and become the President of the United States.

It should be exciting to see how these women make history going into the 2020 election, and who comes out victorious.

These powerful women in Congress are inspiring to women and men alike, and they show that even the historically male U.S government can have powerful and influential women making a name for themselves.

Today’s political climate has inspired women of all backgrounds to take a stand. These powerful women have shown that they will no longer sit on the sidelines and will no longer play a supporting role.

Strong women are taking over and are proving they can and will fight for what they believe in.