Recent grad Decker has an eye for the 3D world


Mia Baxter

Wyatt Decker's 3D creations include several Lord of the Rings characters, scenery and the One Ring.

The extracurricular activities at Powell High School are endless.

Wyatt Decker, a 2019 graduate from Powell High School, has gone above and beyond in the realm of 3D printing.

His interest began last year when the CAD lab procured their first-ever 3D printer.

“Wyatt began to excel in 3D printing when he was taking CAD 2,” welding, woodworking and CAD teacher Mr. Michael Ursuy said. “I first remember him designing a flashlight holder for his truck; he wanted to have a flashlight in his truck without it rolling around, so he made one that could attach to the side of his seat.”

Decker first created miscellaneous pieces needed around the CAD lab, then progressed into making scale projects.

“The CAD lab got a 3D printer last year or the year before, so Mr. Ursuy had me working on school-related projects and I enjoyed it so much, I decided to invest in my own,” Decker said.

Decker recently made English teacher Mr. Vincent Cappiello a Lord of the Rings tribute made entirely by his 3D printer.

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My goal is to be a mechanic and be able to tie in the technological skills I have taken away from my time in high school.”

— Wyatt Decker, PHS Class of 2019

“Honestly, I was floored when I saw what he made,” Mr. Cappiello said. “There was a bust of Gandalf, a model of Minas Tirith, a tiny Gollum and of course, the One Ring. The detail and workmanship reveal a level of excellence that is typical of Wyatt’s high level of self-expectation.”

Although mild-mannered, Decker is described as a hard worker who excels in CAD.

“I think Wyatt really has potential to be an engineer in almost any field,” Mr. Ursuy said. “I know Mr. Myers has him in Ag and welding as well; he’s very talented.”

At FFA State Convention, Decker walked away with three scholarships for taking first place in Agricultural Mechanics.

“I received 2 years tuition free at Eastern Wyoming College, $10,000 to the Universal Tech Institute and $12,500 to WyoTech,” Decker said.

Decker plans to follow in his parents’ footsteps and enlisting in the U.S. Air Force.

“I’m ready for it,” Decker said. “My goal is to be a mechanic and be able to tie in the technological skills I have taken away from my time in high school.”

Mr. Ursuy left advice for Decker as he is taking this next big step.

“Stick with it and get through college,” Mr. Ursuy said. “Get into a career you are passionate about; I’m sure you will do well in whatever you may choose.”