PHS student body give their opinions on the latest fad


Kalli Ashby

(From left to right) Tenna Desjarlais and Emma Bucher wearing mom jeans.

Mom jeans. A fashion trend or a fashion end? I thought I would never know the opinions behind them, so I decided to get the real thoughts on them from the Powell High School student body. 

I began to see mom jeans becoming a trend my sophomore year after seeing one of my favorite former seniors, Erin Desjarlais, wearing them. So, why not start with the source?

“I started wearing them because they were like a staple – you can wear them with anything,” Desjarlais said. “I felt unique at the time, it was like a competition for who could find the coolest vintage mom jeans.” 

This is the opinion I completely agree on. But, mom jeans are not for everybody.

“Honestly, I just don’t see why girls wear them,” senior Ryan Good said. “They’re just not that flattering.”

Added senior Noah Faxon: “They should not be worn anymore by anyone, they are just so out of style. They do not look good.” 

But let’s not base the main opinion of boys who wear what’s on their floor when they wake up.

Being a teenage girl, I know we all have once thought “is so and so going to think this is cute? Does this make me look thick? Ladies! It is the 21st century, wear what makes you feel awesome!

Ladies! It is the 21st century, wear what makes you feel awesome!”

— Kalli Ashby

“They are so cool, and they are coming back – scrunchies came back, then mom jeans came back.” junior Sidney Karst said. “They are a VSCO look.”

Added senior Tenna Desjarlais: “I love high waisted jeans, and they are overall so trendy.”

But there is more to mom jeans than just the high waist, baggy legs and rips and tears. It’s also in the name. Have they always been called mom jeans? The answer is no, they were just the norm back then.

“They were just jeans,” Kassi Ashby said. “At one point in my life, I wore them thinking they looked good, and they still don’t.” 

Ouch! That’s coming from my own mom. 

So, what is the deal? Are they hot or not? The answer is yes, they totally are. You are able to feel fashionable while also being comfortable and not have life sucking skinny jeans on. Start dressing for yourselves people, because the time is now. Buy those Levi’s from Goodwill, pair them with a cute sweater and any stylish sneaker because mom jeans are in!