Senior celebrations still can be epic, regardless of the quarantine


Scarlette Mendoza

With the current regulations still in place graduation celebration plans are limited.

If your parents are anything like mine, they have prepared for graduation way ahead of time. Before the pandemic started, my family and I started ordering decorations, putting together a Pinterest board and compiling a list of invitees. It is just who we are.

Now that we are well into this pandemic and can’t really host events bigger than 10 people at a time, what are we supposed to do? I came up with the following alternative grad party ideas:

A nice trip

Once everything gets better and we are allowed to leave our houses freely, a nice post-quarantine trip would be prime. It’s a way to spend the money that would have been used on the graduation party for something more personal and most likely even more memorable.

Nice dinner with family

After being a nervous wreck on my way to grab my diploma, I’d want to  feast on a nice dinner  with my close relatives or close friends and reminisce.

6-feet-apart outdoor movie

An outdoor movie under the stars and 6-feet-apart. Set up a white sheet on the side of your house and create an outdoor movie theater with a projector and some snacks, chairs and blankets for you and your guests. If the Wyoming weather allows it, of course.

6-feet-apart bonfire

If you want to rejoice with friends, build a bonfire and set up chairs 6 feet apart from each other to still be able to enjoy their company while following safety guidelines. It is a simple and cheap way of getting together and celebrating.

Zoom call party

This one is kind of a stretch but if you’re really desperate or scared to get sick,stick with the quarantine and have a virtual party with friends and family if it’s not too awkward. Just make sure you have a good bandwidth or lagging/buffering could be a problem.

This year’s graduates should still be able to celebrate their accomplishments, and despite all the different COVID-19 regulations that limit the size of our celebration, it shouldn’t be forgotten.