Prowl ‘JBs’ who spent three full years on staff state their last will and testament to PHS


Photo illustration/Vin Cappiello

Prowl seniors who spent three full years on staff include (from left) Rachel “Slugger” Kuntz, Kayla “KK” Kolpitcke, Lauren “Larn” Lejeune and Lauren “Flower Child” DeWitz.

We gather today to celebrate the life of The Prowl’s “JBs,” who built this program from the ground up.

The foundation was built from snacks, procrastination, a lethal amount of estrogen, trauma from Hell Week and Cappy’s passive aggressive comments that made the seniors, who graduated Sunday, May 24, feel like “less than halfway decent human beings” when we slacked.

Nevertheless, the four seniors’ palmful of their 2.7% functioning brain cells collaborated to say their final goodbye in this chapter of life and a hello to their new beginnings.

Seniors Rachel Kuntz, Kayla Kolpitcke, Lauren Lejeune and Lauren DeWitz each spent a full six semesters on the Prowl staff. And seniors Scarlette Mendoza and Rachel Bozell also spent several semesters as reporters.

Here are some final words from the six-semester “Journalism Beasts” ♥♥♥♥:

I, Rachel Ann Kuntz, dubbed “Slugger” and two-year editor-in-chief of The Prowl, hereby declare this as my last (I think we all know this won’t actually be the last) contribution to Powell High School’s online newspaper.

To the Prowl Staff: Keep Cappy happy. The more passive aggressive comments he throws at you or the more he breathes down your neck, the more he cares. Y’all gotta make sure you take care of my baby. 

To Abby Landwehr: I’m so excited where you’re going to take the helm of the Prowl with your many talents. I’m sorry you couldn’t go anywhere for the Free Spirit conference, but maybe a little later down the line, we can both go to the alumni night and talk to the different free spirits. However, you and Cap are going to have to keep recruiting more juniors to apply; we can’t have Cody get any more Free Spirits (sorry Sara Cappiello).

To Whitney Hull: PH Drama tea sessions will have to be put on pause (which is probably a good thing). I’m so glad we’ve gotten so close and that I wasn’t the youngest one in that group. I’m going to dub you with my last brain cells and endless procrastination. I’m wishing you the best of luck with what’s to come. 

To Katie Beavers and the Lady Panther swimmers and divers: Bob may be a little crazy with all the things he made us and future swimmers do in the next seasons, but don’t forget to thank him. He cares about everyone’s success and doesn’t care what it’ll take to make you guys cut time (hopefully legally). You guys have to carry on our legacy, beat Lander more than two times and take state like the champions y’all are. 

Last but not least, to Cap: Thank you for always being patient with me when I needed it, and at other times. breathing down my neck. Having your class for four years has been so fun, and it’s crazy that I’m here today as the person writing this. Four years ago, I could barely talk in front of my classmates. Now, I’ve gone to D.C. not once but twice and Detroit through your teachings and the doors you’ve opened for me. I’ve experienced life outside my comfort zone and you’ve helped me grow to be independent and to seize every opportunity, even if I think I’ll fail. You’ve helped me reach for the stars and into a whole different environment, and I can’t thank you enough for that. 

Thank you Mrs. Moore for your obliviousness towards the back row that allowed me, Rachel and Natalie to eat pancakes, bacon and hash browns during class. We really appreciated that.


The last will and testament of Kayla Kolpitcke

To Hildy and the whole Powell High School Cross Country team I leave enough spaghetti dinners to last a lifetime and enough popsicles to get you through all the workouts on The Hill. 

To Jace Bohlman I leave the old jumper cables stashed in the back of my car (even though you have your own now) so that you’re never stuck in the student parking lot. 

To Kabrie Cannon I leave all the laughs, Wheat Thins, Sweet Tea and silly pictures to remember me by when I go to Wisconsin. 

To all my friends who helped get me through these four years, I say thanks for sticking with me. 

To all the underclassmen I leave to you good luck and best wishes to get through the rest of your years here. 

The last will and testament of Lauren (Larn) Lejeune:

To the Prowl staff, I leave just enough sass to keep Cap on his toes. It’s a good spot for him. 

To Gilman, I leave all of the unfinished projects. Remember: the glass is half full, not half empty. Finish ‘em up for me. 

To Maggie Cappiello, I leave you a berry tea with honey to give to your dad in the mornings. Make the most of “tea time.”

I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time in high school. I hope you can all make the most of it as well. 

Thanks for the memories. Signing off as your opinion editor for the Prowl Staff, I’m Lauren Lejeune, class of 2020. 


The last will and testament of Lauren (Flower Child) DeWitz

To Cappiello I leave a dime hidden in your sock and enough peanut butter Twix to last a lifetime .. only if you share. 

To the speech and debate team I leave a life size cardboard cutout of a giraffe, which will be named Gustavo the Giant. 

To the Prowl Staff… don’t make Cappy unhappy. 

 P.S. thanks to Mr.Fulton for telling me he was going to throw me out that window. I would’ve enjoyed it and honestly, you should’ve done it.

Peace, love, ‘n’ Bobby Sherman baby. Catch you on the flippity flip.

And I, Adviser Cap, will you the following: My sincere thanks, infinite gratitude, smiles of joy at what we accomplished and tears of sadness since you’re not coming to class every day anymore. My JBs. Go make the world a better place.


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