48 new students have enrolled in Powell High School.


Sophe Morrow

PHS senior Dylan Croft works on her painting during art class. Croft moved from Gillette to Powell this year.

The first day of school brought new perspectives, new regulations and 48 new students to Powell High School. The 2020-21 school year looks much different to all staff and students, but for some it’s the only experience they have at PHS.

As of Monday Sept. 14, 590 students are enrolled in Powell High School.

Regardless of the new rules at school due to COVID-19, many of the new students have started their year off on the right foot.

“It (Powell High School) is super baller,” PHS freshman Wyatt Heffington said.

Some of the first impressions included typical Wyoming stereotypes, specifically material aspects of the culture. 

“There were a lot of guys wearing boots and hats,” senior Dylan Croft says. “It seems like there’s a lot more diversity than I thought originally.”

Although new students haven’t been in school very long, their perceptions have changed since the past few weeks. It was common for them to feel out of place at the beginning, but they became more comfortable after a bit of time.

“I thought the students here were not nice,” PHS freshman Precious Londo said about her experience at the beginning of the school year.

She later said the students are nicer than she thought.

Many of the new students recognized Powell’s hobbies and small town feel very quickly after arriving here. For many, that kind of lifestyle is brand new.

“I live close to everything,” junior Aiden Loeser said. “You can really just walk around town.”

Many of the new students also have the ability to take classes that were not available at previous schools, including Intro to Agriculture, Culinary Arts, and Robotics. But they are also capable of partaking in interests outside of school like hunting and fishing, which many weren’t able to do before living here.