Powell High School senior shines in academics, business management and clogging


Photo Courtesy: Sami Cole

PHS graduate Danell Bransetter and senior Sami Cole selling Cole’s baked goods at the local farmers market this summer.

A business owner, clogging instructor, and a dedicated tennis player. Is there anything senior Sami Cole isn’t incapable of?

Recognizing the students who always put their best foot forward is important no matter who they are, and their achievements should be acknowledged. One of the ways the Prowl commends these types of students is by featuring an outstanding student as the “Prowl Pick”. Cole is very versatile and does a number of diverse activities and for that reason, is this month’s Prowl Pick.

Cole is the proud founder of Sami’s Baked Goods, an online baked goods company where you can place orders that she’ll make for you. 

 “I’ve really always loved baking and that’s kind of what I want to do after high school,” Cole said. “So I figured it’s good to start it now and get a head start on that so after high school I can hopefully do something more.”

Along with being a business owner, Cole is also an experienced clogger. She has been clogging for 13 years, earning herself a spot in the advanced group. She is also instructing the intermediate group, which is made up predominantly by 11-14 year olds.

Cole has been a part of the PHS Tennis team for just south of four years. She usually competes in the doubles competitions, but this year she was presented with the opportunity to play singles. Cole said that while it was different for her, she loved it.

PHS spanish teacher and head tennis coach Mr. Brandon Preator has not only been Cole’s teacher, but also her tennis coach throughout her years in high school and has nothing but praise for Cole. Her dedication, kindness and humor has made her stick out to him. He says he will miss her when she graduates. 

“Anybody who doesn’t know Sami Cole should take a minute to get to know Sami Cole,” Mr. Preator said. “They’ll be better off having known [her].”