PHS students look forward to Easter Break

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Easter Break follows shortly after Spring Break at PHS.

Easter is a very important holiday all around the world. Some plan to stay in town and have family and friends coming to visit, while others prefer going somewhere sunny with 90 degree weather, sitting out in the sun for hours on end. 

Either way, it is always nice to have an Easter break to enjoy this special holiday with your family. 

“My brother is coming home from college,” junior Gracie Trotter said. “My grandma Pat is also coming to visit from North Carolina, so I am super excited to see them over the break.” 

Despite temperatures dropping and quite a bit of snowfall here in Powell, athletes at PHS are still up and going with athletics. The track athletes have a meet on Saturday, Apr 16. Meanwhile soccer athletes at PHS have Easter weekend off. 

“We are going to have an Easter dinner and do a ton of stuff with family,” freshman Peyton Borcher said. “I also have a track meet so my family can come to watch the team participate in that.” 

Some students with younger siblings are going to be waking up early to find easter eggs from the Easter bunny with their family. 

“My little brother is five turning six, so we will celebrate his birthday as well as Easter,” junior Bentleigh Seibel said. “We wake up and help him find the easter eggs and then have dinner together as a family.” 

There are lots of fun activities to do during this short break, whether it be having family in town or going places to visit loved ones.