PHS Staff and Students Give Opinion On Crazy Weather

Sophie Czirr

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Photo Graphic Courtesy of Emma Johnson

Danika Fagan bundles in an attempt to brace herself from the cold weather.

Students are getting used to school, but not everything can have a routine. As winter approaches, the weather changes more and more forcing students to cope with the inconsistent temperature.

“The weather changes its mind like a bipolar teenage girl,” junior Lucy Whipple said. “It changes so often that we might as well pack winter coats and tank tops everywhere we go.” 

It can be difficult to prepare what clothing to wear, considering the conditions outside can be completely different each day. By living in Wyoming, you are obligated to abide by the weather’s fickle schedule. 

“I hate the unpredictable weather,” Mr. Brandon Preator said.  “It makes it so hard to choose sweaters and get dressed for school.” 

The most common complaint about this bipolar weather is the preparation, so students have come up with solutions. 

“To prepare I just always have sweaters with me,” Whipple said. “And I have lots of hot cocoa.” 

Unpredictable weather would result in repeatedly changing your clothes to match the temperature. The frigid conditions were minded more than the constant wardrobe changes. 

“I am not really bothered by the changing of my clothes,” Whipple said. “I actually love wearing sweaters and changing outfits.” 

Wyoming should at least have the decency to throw us a snow day if it is always going to be that cold.

— Lucy Whipple

Although clothing plays a part in the negative aspects of the temperature, the climate causes problems for transportation as well. 

“I am personally always freezing, so the cold makes everything worse,” senior Madi Black said. I also hate having to start my car early.” 

Students can agree that the constant changing of the weather is not ideal. Perhaps a day off because of the weather would make adapting to the cold much more achievable. 

“Wyoming should at least have the decency to throw us a snow day,” Whipple said. “If it is always going to be that cold.” 

Others wish that Wyoming was more cooperative with the situation. Perhaps warmer weather would make adapting to the uncertain weather much more attainable. Sweaters and layers can only take you so far when you are unsure of how the weather will turn out that day. 

“I just wish Wyoming was closer to the equator,” Preator said. “Then we wouldn’t have to worry about this every day.”