PHS students discuss their opinions and activities for on Valentine’s Day

Kara Kraft

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Photo Courtesy of Kara Kraft

Make sure to have a happy Valentine’s Day PHS.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday filled with chocolate sweets, beautiful flowers, and quality time spent with your partner. Many high-school and married couples celebrate Valentine’s day but how does such a love-involved holiday affect those that are not in a relationship?

Many single people claimed that during Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to the holiday they spent most of their time watching movies, hanging out with friends and family, or working, 

“I am probably going to watch movies with my cats,” junior Aspen Atkinson said. “And call my siblings.” 

On the opposite side, people who are in relationships often say that while they were busy, they did spend time with their significant other, 

“Usually I’m busy on Valentine’s Day with school or work so I usually just stay home,” junior Aramonie Brinkerhoff said. “But [this year] I am going on a date for Valentine’s Day.”

The question still remains, does the excitement of this holiday affect the moods of young teenagers, or does it not bother them? The opinion surrounding this question is scattered. Some people may say that people seem happier on Valentine’s Day. 

But others claimed that the people around them were less than happy, 

“Usually the [students] are kind of depressed,” junior Kenneth Bettger said. “But yet happy because it’s Valentine’s [Day].”

It seems as though the effects of this holiday depend on each individual. When people were questioned as to how they usually felt during Valentine’s Day, the common answer was happy. People who were in a relationship also said that they felt happy because they got to spend time with loved ones, 

“I enjoy quality time,” Brinkerhoff said. “And just talking to my boyfriend.”