What PHS has added to the 2023-2024 course catalog


Photo Courtesy of Ethan Cartier

Powell High School is now offering more classes to the 2023-2024 course catalog.

Class registration days have popped up around Powell High School this past week with PHS students required to register for next year’s classes.

This year many changes have come to the registration program, such as adding new physical education classes.

“[PHS] added two new semester-long courses,” Physical Education teacher Mrs. Charli Fluty said. “[The classes being] Group Exercise and Wellness Recreation and Lifetime Activities.”

The new exercise classes are supposed to give more options to students who may not like participating in the PE classes of the past, which with games like Rugby and Basketball (being more muscular and endurance-based games) may have particular students fall behind some of their peers.

“Now [PHS has a] class that is something more in line with what [students] would like to do,” counselor Trevor Lee said. “[PHS also has a] PE class called [wellness recreation and lifetime activities], similar to what some eighth-grade students took back in middle school.”

Wellness Recreation and Lifetime Activities will teach students to participate in games outside of sports that could be classified as “backyard games.” Games like cornhole and tetherball could potentially see light in this class, unlike its PE predecessors.

In the Group Exercise class, students can participate in Zumba, pilates and other group exercise activities.

In addition to the new fitness classes, CAD and Journalism have also updated their portfolio of classes. 

Over the last year, PHS was able to bring in a professor from Northwest College. With the introduction of the new teacher, PHS has added a college-credit class in the form of CAD Independent Study, which has taken the place of CAD III and IV. CAD Independent Study will allow students to practice drafting and design in a more unconstrained environment.

“I think CAD changing from independent study to a college class is good “because you can get certification in the college class,” sophomore and CAD student Austin Martinez said.

With the recent changes to the 2023-2024 PHS class portfolio students now have a wider selection of classes to choose from. Whether these classes are here to stay or be phased out in years to come is still unknown but for the time being, students can find a new class that can fulfill their needs like never before.