Sophomores prepare for the change from high school classes to college classes.


Photo Curtsy of Sophie Czirr

Dual enrollment is approaching with the new school year, and sophomores prepare for the newest option to take college courses.

As the school year ends, registration for the 2023-2024 school year has opened allowing high school students to enroll in college courses. Dual enrollment courses allow students to be enrolled in two separate, academic-related organizations. 

Here at Powell High School, dual enrollment is run through Northwest Community College. Signing up for classes will be unfamiliar territory for PHS sophomores, and opens up new paths for these incoming juniors. 

“There is a lot of information from the [class at the college] I’m taking, that I can use in other classes,” sophomore Trevion Solberg said. “It’s a class that I will have to use for my majors and in college.” 

Dual enrollment presents an option for students to get standard knowledge on their interested career paths, or rather experience the dynamic of a college setting before leaving high school. PHS sophomores, who are enrolled, plan to put these classes to good use, in preparation for their futures. 

The classes that these students have selected will prepare them for their future in college or in everyday life. Sophomore JJ Gardner included preparation for upcoming standardized tests in her expectations. 

“I plan to take college algebra,” sophomore JJ Gardner said. “[College algebra] will explain trigonometry, and that way I’ll have it for the ACT and the SAT.” 

These upcoming juniors hope for the best in their upcoming classes, and the knowledge they gain will help them in future college courses.

I hope the class goes well. The teachers are good, and I’m taking a semester of college algebra at the high school and a semester at the college, so I hope it will be easy. 

— Annelise Peterson

“I hope the class goes well,” sophomore Annelise Peterson said. “The teachers are good, and I’m taking a semester of college algebra at the high school and a semester at the college, so I hope it will be easy.” 

Dual enrollment provides a great opportunity for students to have a wider variety of classes to choose from. For the sophomores, this will be their first chance to enjoy classes that will expand their knowledge in certain subjects. 

“There’s not many classes at the high school I’m really interested in,” Gardner said. “Last year I struggled to find my elective for sophomore year, and I’ve also outgrown all the math classes here.” 

The beginning of these student’s careers is starting now. Some sophomores believe that these upcoming classes with dual enrollment will be advantageous but a difficult transition from previous classes. 

“I think [the class] will be harder because it’s a college class,” Solberg said. “But I think it’ll be more beneficial in the long run.”