PHS band and choir members perform at the District Music Performance Assessment


Photo Courtesy of Emma Johnson

Members of the PHS jazz perform at a Christmas concert in December. Choir and band members performed in District Music Performance Assessment April 17-18.

District Music Performance Assessment: a longer title for Festival which can be described as fanatical, fatiguing and fun. This year’s festival took place here in Powell at the North West College Nelson and Performing Arts building.

Hosting festival means different bands and choirs from all over the district gather to perform in front of judges and spectators. These include solos, small ensembles and whole band and choir performances.

Many enjoyed hosting this year compared to past years. Throughout past festival years, there have been different cancellations caused by COVID-19 and snow days. This year was every student’s first time having a “normal” festival.

“This year’s festival has definitely been a lot smoother considering last year got canceled,” senior Alexa Nardini said. “It’s just definitely been a lot more convenient [hosting it] since it’s been my first actual real festival.”

Despite past inconveniences, both the band and the choirs performed well and enjoyed it. Both Concert Choir and Concert  band rated Superior while PHS Singers rated Excellent.

“I think this year we were a lot more prepared…I think we had a lot more involvement,” senior Grace Sapp said. “We had just a few minor things that we could have fixed, but overall it went really well.”

Preparing for festival means practice, set-up and more practice. With hosting this year, the band teacher, Mr. John Fabela, and the choir teacher, Mrs. Rachel Schoessler, were managing the schedules and overall supervision. Taking in all of these responsibilities drew some of their attention, but they still made sure to help prepare their students for their performances.

I think this year we were a lot more prepared…I think we had a lot more involvement. We had just a few minor things that we could have fixed, but overall it went really well.

— Grace Sapp

“I’m very blessed to have students that work really hard and buy into my philosophy of not being satisfied with mediocrity,” Mr. Fabela said.

Throughout the year, vigorous grind and lots of time go into preparing for performances. The directors aren’t only focusing on the rating; the hard work is one of the most important parts of preparing for any performance.

“Even though we may have a song that only lasts three to four minutes, there are months worth of work put in,” Mrs. Schoessler said. “No matter what our rating is, the students in this area are super talented and hardworking. I think that should be celebrated and recognized by the community.”