Did the reward day offered by PHS meet students’ expectations?
    Sophomore Gabriel Weimer doing his best during the bowling reward
    Sophomore Gabriel Weimer doing his best during the bowling reward
    Landon Hyde

    After the state-mandated tests, the lower classmen including freshmen and sophomores took part in a “reward day” to thank the students for their hard work put forth in the WYTOPP tests. However, did the reward day satisfy the students?

    The reward day activities included bowling, swimming, and even fishing. The students could sign up for the reward of their choice and spend the second half of the school day on May 7th participating in their activity.

    “I went fly fishing,” said sophomore Dawson George, “I thought it was fun, but it wasn’t worth all the work I put in.” 

    The activities could be attended by students who were able to get proficient or advanced on the WYTOPP tests. Although they enjoyed the break, they put in almost six hours of testing for a reward that only lasted two hours, which upset a lot of students.

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    “I feel like should have gotten more time,” said sophomore Kyra Morrow said. “All the students tried really hard so I feel like we should have gotten more than just two hours.” 

    Now while the shortened time did cause some grumblings, overall the student consensus was that they really enjoyed the day. Most students were happy with the selection of activities. 

    “I feel like the choices were pretty good,” said freshman Sawyer Wormald. “They were a lot like the middle school’s choices which was really nice.” 

    Out of all the many choices including a movie, basketball, and spikeball, the most popular choice by far was bowling with the majority of the students wanting to go. For students who didn’t attend the activities, they could stay at the school although many opted to go home.

    “I forgot to sign up for anything,” said Morrow. “So I decided to go home and enjoy the rest of the day off.” 

    I forgot to sign up for anything. So I decided to go home and enjoy the rest of the day off.”

    — Sophomore Kyra Morrow

    While the activities didn’t live up to the expectations of some students, for the most part, the reward day provided by the school, was a success and will hopefully be offered in the future. Thank you, Panthers, for your hard work on the WYTOPP tests. 

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