Kara Borcher

Ariana Rodriguez (left) and Lucy Sullivan work diligently on their college classes. April 22-26 is PHS spring break which gives students a chance to catch up on college classes.

With warmer weather hopefully around the corner, spring break is also on its way. April 22-26 is Powell High School’s first week-long spring break we have had in awhile. It also happens to NOT be the same as Northwest College spring break which was last week- March 4-8.

So, for those of us who have college classes along with our high school schedules, we have two spring breaks, but we have to go to classes during both. Obviously during the college spring break you should go to high school classes, but what to do during the high school spring break?

  • Volunteer at local organizations. The Powell Animal Shelter is always looking for volunteers and who wouldn’t want to hang out with dogs and cats after a stressful morning at the college?
  • Go to coffee with friends. Uncommon Grounds is always bustling and has a great atmosphere to grab a coffee and hang out.Spring cleaning. By the end of April it should be warm. Maybe. Take advantage of that warm weather, open your windows and get some cleaning done. It is amazing what a rearranged room can do.

    Whether it’s going outside or hanging out at home, use the precious time off wisely, it’s rare.”

    — Kara Borcher

  • Focus on college classes. Use the time you have away from the high school and focus on your classes. This could be a good time to get together with friends or people from class and study. Also, college finals are the week after the high school spring break so be prepared for those.
  • Go out to dinner. It is always fun to see friends outside of school. Treat yourself to China Town or Millstone and have a good time.
  • Go outside. Like I said, it should be warm by April 22. Spring in Wyoming is the perfect weather for hiking, fishing, walking your dog and just getting fresh air. It’s not too hot and just chilly enough to be comfortable. Break out the Chacos or hiking boots and take advantage of a nice day.
  • Go somewhere. If your classes are in the morning, you could take advantage of the close proximity of Cody or Billings. Go shopping or get something to eat other than the four places we have in town.
  • Hang out with friends. If I haven’t said it enough, take this time to hang with your friends. School is stressful and can provide for some pretty nasty drama.
  • Read a good book. Go to the public library and pick out a good book. If there’s good weather you could hang out outside and soak in the warmth. Take time to relax and read.
  • Just chill out. You don’t have to show up to school. Depending on the time of class, you could sleep in, or if you are one of the unfortunate souls that has a morning class, go back to bed afterwards. Take full advantage of a week away from school, you deserve it.

Although it is unfortunate that NWC and PHS spring breaks don’t match up, there are many ways to take advantage of time away from class. Whether it’s going outside or hanging out at home, use the precious time off wisely, it’s rare.