PHS staff participates in Jackalope Jump


Marina Goffaux

Mr. Preator dives into the pool outside of Powell High School

A group of teachers at Powell High School jumped into a pool of cold water after school recently  in an effort to raise money and support Special Olympics Wyoming.

Teachers agreed to jump, each picking an amount of money to be raised at which they would jump. With this enticement, students and staff raised over $800 in about 90 minutes.

According to  sowy.org, “The Jackalope Jump is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations and businesses to raise much needed funds for Special Olympics Wyoming athletes at the local, area, and state level by taking an icy dip into freezing waters. Jumpers must raise the minimum amount ($100) to earn the privilege of taking the plunge.”

Not every jumper wanted to jump. For some it took awhile to make up their mind.

“At first, I didn’t want to do it; I was being kind of a punk,” Spanish teacher Mr. Brandon Preator said. “I felt like Mrs. McArthur and Mr. Munger were bullying me a little bit. I hate being pressured into doing something I don’t want to do.”  

Mr. Preator was the first to take on the challenge at $100.

It made me emotional to see how everyone came together to raise over $806 in about 90 minutes for Special Olympics.”

— Mrs. Tracy McArthur

“With some positive peer pressure, friends and colleagues getting involved, it made it much easier to say yes,” Mr. Preator said. “ I’m glad I did it … I just wish I would have gauged the distance a little better.”

The Special Olympics hits close to home for Mrs. Tracy McArthur.

“My mom, Kerry Terry, helped start Special Olympics in Wyoming during the 1980s,” Mrs. McArthur said. “I remember volunteering at the Special Olympic track meet every year,

“As I looked in the crowd …  it was especially moving to see two of my mom’s former students there. This program is very near and dear to my heart because it was important to my mom. It is a way for me to remember her and do something to honor her memory.”

Both staff and students came together to raise money for the event.

“I was completely overwhelmed by the response from PHS students and staff,” Mrs. McArthur said. “It made me emotional to see how everyone came together to raise over $806 in about 90 minutes for Special Olympics.”

Each teacher agreed to jump if PHS raised a certain amount of money for them. Mr. Preator jumped at $100; Mr. Munger at $200; Mrs. McArthur at $300; Mr. Kistler at $400; Mrs. Jackson at $500; Mr. Fulton at $550; Mr. Heny at $600; Mrs. Moore at $700; and Mr. Hawley jumped at $800.