A Prowl reporter weighs the positves and negatives of the Drivers Education classes offered in Powell


Courtney Childers

Let's drive!

What do people think of when they think of driver’s ed? Maybe they think of Studio C’s famous Mr. Eckelstone and “DEER!” Or the long hours in a class room stuck reading traffic laws and then having to go out and drive 10 hours.

Maybe you’ve been through it and you think of the notes you passed to your friends and going out and driving a Chrysler 200, but you had a teacher and couldn’t go racing on the backroads.

Whatever the case, you’re probably not far off. Most people are left wondering why. Why do we sign up for a class during the summer when we already can drive but just need a license?

According to, some benefits include a skills test waiver (you don’t have to take a separate driving test), you gain skills, including collision avoidance skills and the money discount for insurance that some companies offer. (The Wyoming Department of Transportation does have other information including the fact that you need to make sure the program you take is credible (here is their list)).

I know that’s why I took it, besides the fact my parents felt like it would be a better way for me to learn since they both started out as semi-control freaks when I began driving. It also, my parents claimed, made me a more confident driver. And on the other hand, it strengthened a friendship I have with a friend.

For some students, it’s a great way to learn, especially if your guardian doesn’t have the time, or they don’t think they could teach you well. You can legally drive without restrictions at 16 1/2 years, and there’s that insurance thing we talked about. It used to be deemed so important that it was implemented in school, but in Wyoming, it since has been removed.

Even though I would’ve rather made a mud house during the reading at times, I would still suggest anyone to go through the program, especially if you feel nervous about driving. There’s nothing like driving a during tourist season to make you confident about your driving skills.

Yes, you may have to learn to suck it up and read a boring book and stop at every railroad to look both ways at each individual one, but in the end, the benefits outweigh it all. You pay less for insurance and can start driving earlier.