Seniors receive scholarships with FFA members serving food at Senior Banquet


Photo Courtesy: Gracie McLain

Senior Gracie McLain poses for a picture with her parents at the senior banquet.

Seniors and parents attended the Senior Banquet on May 13 where Powell High School honored seniors who received scholarships.

The attendees were served food by the FFA members while EROCNE and the jazz band played.

“We ate first and there was some formal, classy music and I actually kind of liked it,” senior Jessica Kasinger said.

Kasinger was looking forward to graduation, which was May 19.

“[Graduating is] amazing; I’ve been waiting for this since freshman year,” Kasinger said. “It went by super, super fast and I’m super excited that it’s here finally.”

Kasinger received the Educational Scholarship for $1,000 and Trapper scholarships from Northwest College for $1,500.

Kasinger already has plans after graduation.

“I am going to go on a mission, and then when I come back from my mission, I’m going to go to school here or UW,” said Kasinger, who plans on getting a master’s degree in communication disorders.

Another senior shared what they plan to do after high school.

“I plan on going to Northwest College and majoring in Pre-professional Health,” senior Shayla Shoopman said. “I think I’m going to miss, believe it or not, the [students]. I thought I would never say that, but they have been sort of family, I guess, throughout the last 13 years. It’s almost unreal, it kind of feels like a dream.”

Shoopman received the Hathaway Opportunity Scholarship and a Trapper scholarship for $1,500.

From when the seniors were freshmen up until now, the years have changed them in various ways.

“They want to accomplish things in their life that they didn’t always think of when they were freshman,” PHS health teacher Mrs. Bennett said. “There’s a lot of them that are pretty career-minded, they know what they want to do; they have some goals and aspirations.”

Added Mrs. Bennett: “I would describe them as a class with a lot of personality. “I have had them since they were freshmen, and I think it’s really neat to see how much they’ve grown and see that they do have dreams.”

Teachers had to part with these senior students one last time.

“I’ll definitely miss them,” Mrs. Bennett said. “I wish them all the health and happiness in the world. I wish that for all of them.”