“Winter’s Mask”, the first of many poems to be published VIA the Prowl


Janek Sedlar

A crisp fall scene that incorporates the aspects of mystery and beauty.

ADVISER’S NOTE: Junior Addy Moretti penned the poem in the beginning of October. The Prowl offers it here in its ongoing effort to allow students an opportunity to express themselves and exercise their First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech.


Winter’s Mask

Walking through the yawning morning

Oranges, purples and reds all dancing

Wind kissed cheeks chapped and blushing

As the tree’s foliage comes falling


The scent of musky autumn bliss

Tickles the senses with its tempting mist

Soft and sultry yet sharp and crisp

Falling to fill the earth with a silent wisp


Leaves paint the ground below

Shimmering, the branches glow

Colors mix and blend and flow

Portraying to the world its florid show


But within the beauty something hides

With frosty fingers and freezing sighs

Winter lurks with hungry eyes

With its claws sharp and jaws wide

Ready to pounce for a chilling surprise


Through this poem, I was hoping to portray the thought of winter lurking in the shadows and hiding behind fall. Winter creates this mask in hopes that people will embrace the passing of the seasons. Fall is a beautiful season that, to me, gets ripped apart by the coming of winter.

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