Fundraising begins for annual Senior Bash.


Rachel Bozell

Senior Duncan Bond watches as student teacher Mr. Cordon Cox browses the Little Caesars fundraising booklet.

The countdown to graduation has begun for every senior at Powell High School. But for some, the countdown for the night of graduation (May 24) has been going for years. 

Senior Bash was created years ago in an attempt to make the night of graduation safer for kids. The intent is that if kids are occupied from 8 p.m.-1 a.m. they will be too tired to party afterwards, thus cutting down on the number of kids who could potentially find trouble. 

“We put it out there to hopefully save some lives,” said Dr. Mary Dillivan, PhD, who is helping coordinate this year’s parent-led Bash. “I think if kids wanna party they’re going to, you know, but I think if anything it can delay it.” 

Graduates look forward to the event that follows a busy time in their lives.

“I think it’s a fun way to end the school year after graduating,” senior Alex Escalera said. “Plus all the prizes are actually really cool.” 

The prizes, which are usually on the high-end price wise, include mini fridges, mountain bikes and new phones. Other items include gift cards and snacks. 

“The big prizes … are the packages of the TVs and the Go-Pros and X-Boxes and all that,” Dr. Dillivan said. “I know last year each kid, besides the prizes, walked out with $100 bill.”

Since it isn’t sponsored by the school, much fundraising needs to happen in order to provide the expensive prizes offered at the Bash.

“We just kicked off the student led Little Caesars pizza fundraiser,” Dr. Dillivan said. “If everybody sells what they need to sell, at least 10 orders, we can make $6,000-plus.” 

Senior Bash is always a huge fundraising event; last year brought in about $20,000, the highest in recent memory. The average is usually $15,000. This year’s goal is $17,000. 

“We have around nine or ten pieces of art donated by local artists. We have some big name artists, and some just starting out artists,” Dr. Dillivan said. “They will be displayed on a table outside the basketball games, in the gym, every home game we have now until April 3. We’re going to draw for each one of the pieces on April 3 before spring break.”