The best and worst of Netflix original productions


Ben Whitlock

Netflix is a very popular streaming service and has grown into a television empire with both great and terrible original content.

Netflix has been around for as long as I can remember *cough cough* 2007. In those 13 years, I have seen Netflix prices rise and numerous shows be added and taken off of the streaming service.

I could rant about how angry I am that Friends is no longer available on Netflix, but I own all 10 seasons. So what’s the point? 

Netflix spends billions of dollars (literally) on creating original content each year. Most of this content is great to watch – and funny too. However, if I’m being totally honest, some of the Netflix originals are terrible. 

To save you from the agony of hoping and praying that you chose a decent movie to watch, I have created a list of the three best and worst Netflix originals. 

If I’m being totally honest, some of the Netflix originals are terrible. ”

— Whitney Jones

The top three worst Netflix’s Originals:

  1. Fuller House 

Having almost all of the same characters you know and love from Full House, this series was a total disappointment. The plot is almost exactly identical to that of the original series. Except Danny, Joey and Jesse are replaced with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmie. I will be the first to tell you, hearing a grown woman say “how rude” is just not the same as little Stephanie saying it. 

2. 13 Reasons Why 

Although this series aired in 2017, it is still one of the worst series Netflix has created. It portrays suicide and depression as a quirky character trait and on top of that, none of the characters are likeable or act like high schoolers. Save yourself the time, and don’t watch this show. 

3. Murder Mystery 

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, this movie was sure to be a hit. Wrong. It has a predictable plot, and many highly unlikely situations that happen. While you might get a laugh here or there, the script was not well-written and is a disaster from start to finish. 

After reading this list, you might think you are doomed to find a decent show on Netflix. It might take a while, but there are definitely plenty of good ones out there. 

Top three best Netflix Originals:

  1. The Irreplaceable You 

As a sucker for romantic movies, this one pulled me in. It was a dramatic tearjerker and an almost perfect love story (spoiler alert – she’s dead) all in one movie. Doomed for death, Abbie tries to prepare herself and her fiancé for her tragedy. It’s the perfect movie for a girls’ – or guys’- night at home and is sure to get the waterworks flowing. 

2. Atypical 

Sam is a teenager on the autistic spectrum who is ready for love. Not only is this show accurate but also extremely relatable. The comedy is a bit mild, but still entertaining. Definitely worth a minor binge through the 28 episodes. Critics also have many positive reviews on this series. 

 3. The Irishman 

Granted, this movie is 3.5 hours long, but it definitely equals a night well spent. Starring Robert De Niro, who plays a driver of a refrigerated meat truck, he takes a few missteps and becomes a hitman. This movie won Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Acting Ensemble and is a must-watch on Netflix.