Why Democrats won't take the White House back


President Donald Trump pictured with U.S Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar (left). 

The last four years in American politics has been referred to as an acid trip gone wrong. And the chaos isn’t going to slow down any time soon, but rather, the political scene is only going to heat up.

We can all rest easy knowing that the Democrats won’t win the presidency this time around. How could they? You cannot win an election when your party platform is taxing the middle class out of existence, targeting pro-lifers and hating Donald Trump.

Just watch one of the recent Democratic debates. Actually, you only need to see about 10 minutes. It’s not even about what the candidates could do to make America better, rather every sentence ends with “we will defeat Donald Trump!’ You can’t take anything they say seriously. It’s like watching toddlers scream at each other for two hours straight.

Listening to their stances on pressing issues is eye-opening. Elizabeth Warren wants to cancel student debt on day one in office. The majority of them want free healthcare for all… but they can’t give you their plan for it. Because there isn’t one except raising taxes. A lot. I guarantee Bernie Sanders isn’t still alive because of “free healthcare.”

It doesn’t help that the Democratic nominees stick to the areas where they know they can secure votes. They’re not branching out to rural areas or even suburban areas with mixed political backgrounds. Ignoring a large portion of the United States to stay in largely populated areas with the same voter pools won’t get them anywhere. News flash: The flyover states have like, real people.

But bottom line is the radical left will not win the White House because our country isn’t progressing at the rate they say we are. Sanders and our “Native American friend” Elizabeth Warren are leaning so far left, I’m worried they’ll fall over. They’re pushing for policies that are, well, radical.

It was only a mere 20 years ago that the idea of gay marriage was being considered in a positive light. Our country is not ready for universal healthcare, unrestricted abortion, open borders, restricted 2A rights or socialism. We don’t want it either, and anybody who thinks the majority does is fooling themselves.

So until the Democratic Party finds better candidates than the circus they’ve got going for this election year, they have no realistic chance to even come close to beating the sitting president.