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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donated a fraction of his net worth ($122 billion) to fight climate change.

In recent news, Amazon CEO billionaire Jeff Bezos donated $10 million to fight climate change. For Bezos, that’s only a miniscule fraction of his net worth ($122 billion).

The Prowl staff decided to weigh in on what they would do with $10 million, and here’s what they said:

Emerson Wormald, Prowl reporter: For the first $5 million dollars I would travel the world with my family or friends. For the second half of the money, I would use it to donate to missions trips or other “children in need foundations” to help kids in need all over the world. I do not think that climate change is the biggest problem with the world.

Ben Whitlock, Prowl reporter: I would pay my way into the Oscars and then become instant friends with all of Hollywood I would repeat this until I had a new group of A-lister friends. Then I would donate the rest to the International Justice Mission or maybe Giving Green. I would also cancel Whitney Jones and Jenna Hillman 🙂

Jasmin Preator, Prowl reporter: I would use the money to buy my family the house and land that we have always dreamed of. Then I would use the rest to help anyone in my family that is struggling financially or anyone who has medical issues.

Addy Moretti, Prowl reporter: Well I would buy a new phone (currently barely surviving with an  iPhone SE). Then I would attempt the music industry and try to blow up. But other than that, I have no clue.

Scarlette Mendoza, Prowl social media editor: I would create my own broadcasting station, maybe even name a show after me, in where I am the hispanic Ellen or Oprah, but on late night TV. I would create beauty world empires from skincare to makeup and take over Rhiannas throne. Lastly, then help my parents retire early.

Lauren Lejeune, Prowl opinion editor: I would use it to feed all of the starving people around the world. It’s do-able, but nobody’s interested because we’re all freaking out that beaches are going to disappear.

Abby Landwehr, Prowl video editor: First thing first, I would buy a mic (please buy me a mic). Afterwards I would buy Buzzfeed. (ADVISER’S NOTE: Don’t waste your money, Abs. But yes, I’ll buy you a mic.)

Rachel Kuntz, Prowl Editor: I would take a vacation around Europe with my family.

Kayla Kolpitcke, Prowl associate editor: I would buy a bunch of Epi-Pens and, each day, I would eat a food I am allergic to and have been missing out on my entire life. I would get to experience all the wonderful tastes, and the money would take care of the ER visit costs.

Whitney Jones, Prowl reporter: I would buy the Oscars and not allow Ben Whitlock to attend them. I might also travel the world or something.

Jenna Hillman, Prowl reporter: I would pay Jennifer Aniston, Adele, Taylor Swift and other celebrities to not be friends with Ben Whitlock when he goes to Hollywood. I would also travel the world with Whitney Jones.

Lauren DeWitz, Prowl opinion editor: I would start my own business because if Trump could succeed on “a small loan of a million dollars,” I could surpass him with 10.

Mr. Vin Cappiello, Adviser: I’d go to New Zealand with 100 of my closest friends (which I don’t have, but it’s OK to dream) and we’d all live like Hobbits … until the end of our days. However, I’d donate some of that sweet moolah to Maggie so she could make a lifetime supply of Lambas bread for me and those 100 imaginary friends.

Rachel Bozell,  Prowl reporter: I would buy as many islands in the Caribbean as I could, then live on them like the boys in Lord of the Flies.

Mia Baxter, Prowl feature editor: I would pay off all of my parents’ debt and buy them a new house. I would then move to Hawaii and drink nonalcoholic beverages by the beach, until I’m 21 at least.

Lucyjane Crimm, Prowl reporter: I would pay for Prez’s election campaign (Prez for President!) and then I would arrange for the rest of my life to play out exactly like a romantic musical. Hire actors, choreographers, and obviously talking animals.